The Zakka Kit: Stationery Subscription Review

by | Apr 1, 2018 | Subscription Boxes

This month I tried yet another stationery subscription box! I might be getting slightly addicted but it means I can write articles letting all you lovely lot know the best in the biz. I’ve been slowly working my way through the amazing boxes available and this time it was the turn of the March ‘Zakka Kit‘ filled with Japanese stationery goodies.

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About the Zakka Kit

The Zakka Kit is a stationery subscription box made by Neko Box Shop, they also do homeware boxes with themed Japanese items for your home! ‘Zakka’ is the Japanese word for ‘bits and bobs’. Every month they choose a theme and include a selection of items including stickers, note paper, pens and more Japanese stationery.

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Price & Shipping

The cost of the box is £16.47 for a one off box. International shipping cost me around £5 after converting from USD. This means that box cost just under £20! I feel like this is amazing value for a subscription box that ships internationally.

Just to compare quickly, the Boho Berry Box is about the same price but there are many international boxes that double in price once you put shipping on, making them well over the £30 price mark. The Zakka Kit and the Boho Berry box are some of the only boxes available that ship internationally under £20.


The contents of the box blew me away! The theme for March was ‘Cherry Blossom’ and wow it was gorgeous. The theme of the box was executed beautifully. I’m not a girl that loves the colour pink but I loved the contents of this box. Everything was well designed and fit together wonderfully. Even the paper that the contents were wrapped in felt beautifully luxurious. The full contents of the box was as follows:

  • Sakura ink stamp
  • Pink and gold sakura sticker sheet
  • Sakura note paper
  • Illustrated postcard
  • Mini letter set
  • Pastel Pink Zebra Mildliner

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Is It Worth the Price?

YES! I absolutely loved this box, it’s been my favourite subscription box so far. The theme was just beautiful and I felt like there were really good quality items in the box, especially considering the price. I had to unsubscribe for next month mostly due to money, but also because I wasn’t as sold on the theme of Easter. Looking back at past boxes there are some I would definitely prefer more than others. I think the key to getting value out of a lot of boxes is to pick and choose the themes that speak to you.

Get your Zakka Kit here!