Why We Should Still Write Letters

by | May 5, 2019 | National Stationery Week

Oh my gosh it’s finally the last day of National Stationery Week! We made it! It’s been an intense week and this post is actually going out a bit later than I planned but writing a blog post every day is a lot of work!

So lets get on to today’s theme which is #sendaletterday. I don’t know about you but I rarely send letters any more. Partly because the postal service in Mexico where I live is TERRIBLE (my Christmas card from my mum arrived 4 months late!) but also because I think we’ve lost touch with the art of letter writing. So in this post I’m going to look at some reasons why we should still write letters.

A Letter Is Thoughtful

Writing a letter requires your time and attention. Rather than an email which is easy to sit down and type literally anywhere thanks to all our technology a letter requires us to sit down and pay attention to what we’re doing. We can’t just backspace and delete. We have to think about the words we are writing. It’s a wonderful way to practice mindfulness and give your attention to something completely.

Writing a letter to someone is such a thoughtful gift. Read my blog post for more reasons why we should be writing letters.

Letters Are a Gift

When was the last time you received a letter? Perhaps you are very lucky and have a pen friend or relative who sends you letters but anyhow, receiving a letter is like receiving a gift. Somebody took the time to write to you and these days that’s something special. I love getting things in the post like packages and a letter is no different full of its own personal treasures.

Letters Are Memories

When my mum was younger she and her friends wrote each other letters full of their daily lives and observations. They weren’t groundbreaking but essentially those letters are now like diaries that will remind her of things that happened when she was younger. She can look back at them and by reading the replies she might be reminded of other things that were happening in her life at that time. Be honest, how often do you save emails in a box to read again later?

Letters are like gifts. They are a joy to receive!

You Can Be Creative in a Letter

Inside their letters my mum and her friends used to do little drawings and doodles for one another! This was long before the days of instant messaging when you could easily send a photo so they drew pictures of new clothes they had or things they had seen. Letter writing is not limited to writing and you can be as creative as you want inside your letter. The more creative the more delight it will give the recipient.

You Can Even Be Creative on an Envelope

Don’t limit your creativity to the inside of the letter! If I’m writing a letter and I have the time I love to draw on the envelope, especially if its for one of my nieces! Obviously just make sure the address is still readable! We don’t want your beautiful letter to get lost now do we?

Why not add a bit of fun to letter writing by getting creative and decorating the envelope!

A Great Excuse to Use Beautiful Stationery

You should know me well enough by now to know that if there’s an excuse to use and buy more stationery I’m there for it! Letter writing is the perfect excuse. Not only do I get to buy a beautiful fountain pen and writing paper I can use stickers and colourful pens to create something my recipient will cherish.

Do you still write letters? Let me know in the comments!

Day 7 of National Stationery week is all about writing letters! #sendaletterday