Why We Write Lists #paperchaseloveslists NSW 2019

by | Apr 29, 2019 | National Stationery Week

Exciting stuff everyone: this week is National Stationery Week 2019! I’ll be posting an article every day (yelp) focussed on the NSW theme of the day. Today is the first day and it’s sponsored by Paperchase with the theme #paperchaseloveslists. So to celebrate I’m going to tell you 5 reasons why we write lists.

1. They are simple and quick to make

There is literally no simpler tool for productivity than a basic list. Sure you can start making it more complicated by adding time scales and sub tasks but in its basic form a list is still a great tool to help you get stuff done and it really doesn’t take that long. All you need is something to write with and a piece of paper, sometimes if you put lists on your phone you don’t even need that!

2. They help us to remember important things

I know that without my lists I would never remember to do everything I needed to do. If you’re like me and you have i) a job that requires a lot of independent work (thanks lesson planning) and ii) a lot of side projects, you are very unlikely to remember everything that you need or even want to do. My lists help to remind me exactly what I have to do so I don’t forget anything and have that sudden dreadful feeling when I realise I forgot to do something!

Writing a list is a great way to get any project rolling. Read my blog post to find out some reasons why we love lists.

3. They bring order to chaos

Everyone has those weeks when everything is just getting a bit much. There are too many things going on. I like to say that I have too many tabs open in my brain. Lists help me get it all out of my brain and bring more order to my crazy weeks. Sometimes it might feel like a waste of time to write everything down but often when I take the time to do just that everything gets done a lot faster because I’m focussed on the tasks rather than flitting from one thing to another.

4. They stop us getting distracted

Lists keep us focussed on the tasks at hand, the keep us accountable because they are there just waiting for you to cross them off. There’s a reason why so many people attribute productivity to bullet journaling or making lists. It really does work.

To do lists give us a sense of accomplishment over even our most mundane of tasks. Find out more benefits of lists on my blog post.

5. The sense of accomplishment

One of the main reasons people make lists? For me it’s that satisfaction I feel when I cross something off my list. Sure I might have got it done without that list but now I feel really good that I made a decision to complete that task and I accomplished that. It might be something tiny but it all helps you to feel you are making positive actions in your daily life. You should let yourself feel proud of even the smallest accomplishments because that often helps us to feel more satisfied in our daily life.

Find out more about National Stationery Week 2019 by clicking on the image below

It's finally here again! National Stationery Week 2019! Check out my blog post on the first theme #paperchaseloveslists


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