The Most Useful Bullet Journal Stickers

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A lot of us feel the same way about our bullet journals and planners. We scroll through instagram looking at gorgeous spreads, beautifully designed and painstakingly illustrated. But of course not all of us can achieve that perfect spread. Aside from the fact that a lot of bullet journalists (including myself) are artistically challenged, a lot of us just don’t have the time to sit down to plan and execute those perfect pages. So what can we do? Well, that’s where these useful Bullet Journal stickers come in!

In this post I’ve picked out some of the best useful planner stickers that you can use to make your life easier. Read on to find out what’s available.

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Weekly Headings

Pretty handwriting and hand lettering is what most of us artistically challenged bullet journalists struggle with the most. Learning to letter properly can be really time consuming and requires a lot of practice, something we can’t all find the time for! So weekly heading stickers are a perfect option in the mean time. My favourites include these clear short weekday stickers by Pen and Nibs for £2.21 and these colourful gorgeous set of monthly day of the week stickers with numbers included from Midnight Doe Designs for only £1.90!

Day of the week planner stickers are useful because they save us from writing them out ourselves.

Calendar/Monthly Stickers

One of the things I find so time consuming is writing out all the numbers of aaaaaall the months over and over again. For my future log, my monthly log and sometimes I even put little calendars in my weeklies. That means a lot of mundane writing out little numbers, ugh. It’s so much easier to stick in these calendar stickers like this set from The Danish Planner Shop for £2.43 or if you want to draw your own grid and get number stickers you can get these lovely date flags from Sugarloop in a variety of pretty colours for £2.08!

Date stickers are extremely useful for people who keep a bullet journal. Writing out all the numbers is one of the most time consuming tasks of a bullet journalist.

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Weather Stickers

Lots of people like to record the weather in their planners or bullet journals (personally I get so sick of the weather in the UK I can’t be bothered with it!). Usually people draw tiny doodles of the weather on their dailies to denote the type of weather that day. But it would be so much easier just to use a sticker! My two favourites are these simple doodle weather illustrations by The Sticker Genie for £2.32 and this set of gorgeous watercolour weather stickers from Sugarloop for £2.36.

These weather stickers are great to track the weather in your journal.

Habit Trackers

Habit trackers are really popular especially in Bullet Journals. Using them is a great way to form new habits. The types of things you can track are up to you. You might want to motivate yourself to make your bed every morning or to go to the gym three times a week. Whatever it is a habit tracker sticker is a quick and easy way to motivate yourself to change your habits. You can choose from a monthly tracker whch you can get as a whole page sticker, like this one from Boho Berry Paperie for £2.91 or smaller trackers that you can fit into weekly spreads like these from Birds Fly Studios for £3.32.

This useful habit tracker sticker saves you from drawing it out yourself.

Water Intake

Many people use their planners to track their health goals, most often their water intake. It can take time if you want to make cute little illustrated trackers but stickers will make it much easier. How about these simple water glass trackers from Notes & Clips for £2.40 or these super cute and colourful compact water bottle tracker icons from Nicole’s Designs for only £2.03!

Many people track their water intake in their journals so these water tracker stickers are perfect.

Time Trackers

This is one for those that migh be self employed or need to manage their time effectively. Time trackers are a good way to do this and visualise how you use your time in the day. But creating time trackers can be a lengthy process, so many numbers to write!!! Luckily Boho Berry Paperie has made a great variety of time trackers with styles to suit everyone’s planner, like these horizontal time bars for £2.88.

A time bar planner is a great way to track time and using a useful sticker to do it will save you time.

What useful Bullet Journal stickers have you found? Let me know in the comments!

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Bullet Journals are wonderful but sometimes we don't have time to set them up how we'd like. That's where these useful Bullet Journal stickers come in.