Travel Journals to Help You Plan Your Next Adventure

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Summer is finally coming back to the UK and with it my wanderlust is growing stronger and stronger. I’ve been really lucky to do a lot of travelling, particularly last year when I went backpacking for 5 months. I’m a planner and memory hoarder by nature so a travel journal is a great way for me to combine both of those things. I can use my journal to plan my trip AND write, draw and record all my special memories.

If you’re a bullet journalist then why not check out my post all about How to Use a Bullet Journal for Travel, but if you like things plain and simple then here’s a list of travel journals and diaries perfect for someone’s next trip away.

Paperchase Personalised Leather Travel Journal

Let’s start with one of my absolute favourite. For every trip I will often pick a different journal or notebook to write a diary in. Nearly every journal has come from Paperchase. Now of course I’m much more into my planning and stationery shops are a lot more up to speed with the market for life journals. This is probably one of the nicest travel journals I’ve come across. The design is really simple and elegant and you can even get it personalised! You can get it here and get it personalised! It’s a perfect gift for anyone about to jet off.

travel journal

GLD Stationery Personalised Travel Journal

This simple travel journal is a really popular choice. I’ve seen it popping up all over the place and with good reason. You can customise the journal with the persons name and the place where they’re going! It’s a great idea for an adventure to a specific place. The notebook isn’t set out as a travel planner with specific sections but instead has lined pages. This makes it a lot more suitable to be used as a travel diary than a planner/journal but it’s such a great gift how could I not include it? Get it here from Etsy and choose how you want it personalised.

travel journal


Paperchase The Travelling Journal

Another great offering from Paperchase (they really know how to do a life journal) is this travelling journal. The design is a lot more casual and colourful with lots of iconic destinations featured on the cover. It includes pages for planning budgeting and journaling with an elastic closure which will keep it all neat and tidy. A great option for a young person off backpacking and you can get it for only £10 from Paperchase journal paperchase

Portland Leather Refillable Travel Journal

Ok so this journal doesn’t include an interior notebook but it’s too gorgeous not to include! Travelers notebooks have become really popular for their versatility and the possibility to include various inserts to meet your needs. This journal has a whole range of options for design and colour. It’s a great gift for any avid traveller as they can simply take out their old insert and put in a new one for each trip! Check it out here and see the endless options for customisation.

leather travel journal

Hipster Travel Planner Notebook

One potential option for a travellers notebook insert is this compact travel planner notebook made from recycled paper. It’s beautifully designed and contains lots of useful planning pages. They include a packing checklist, important contact details, weekly planning pages and lists of things to do. I really love the minimalist design of the journal and the small size makes it easy to pack without worrying about fitting it in any overflowing backpacks! Get it on Etsy here for just £14.50.

travel journal

Have you ever used a Travel Journal?

Or have you used your Bullet Journal to plan your trips?

Check out our post all about Bullet Journals and Travel planning here.




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