Introducing… T-Shirts for Stationery Lovers!

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If you’re following me on Instagram you may have already seen the exciting news that I’m releasing a line of tote bags and t-shirts for stationery lovers to express their stationery addiction! It came about because I was kind of frustrated at the lack of gifts (other than stationery) that would allow me to express my stationery obsession because quite frankly I’m proud of my obsession and I want the world to know about it!

Introducing my range of t-shirts for stationery lovers!
I wore my Good Point tee for a few stationery events in London!

Why did I decide to do this?

Well dear reader, if you’re like me you love stationery and pretty much everyone around you knows how much you like stationery. Surely then that should mean you’re easy to buy a gift for? Well like any stationery addict I’m very particular about my stationery. It’s a very personal thing that is sometimes hard for non-stationery-obsessives to get right. Enter the stationery themed gift! Something for the stationery lover that doesn’t add to their mountain of stationery!

The pink good point stationery t-shirt  is perfect for any stationery addict.

The Design

I’m releasing just one design to start with which is the ‘Good Point’ slogan. The process of creating the graphic was actually super basic and the final design started out as a drawing in my bullet journal. I took a good quality photo of it and then edited the contrast to get rid of the background and make it a black and white vector image. After that I just added it into a photo-editing program on my Mac and played around with adding colours to create different versions of the same design!

Here's the signature good point tee a perfect t-shirt for any stationery lover.

Although so far I only have one design on offer I have plenty more planned and will be coming in a few months time ready for Christmas! I’m also thinking of creating a special stationery obsessed Christmas tee! Let me know what you think about that! If you have any ideas for slogans that could go on t-shirts for stationery lovers drop me a message! If I use it I might send you a free tee!

What’s the Quality Like?

I love a good basic high quality white t-shirt. I decided to do Unisex t-shirts as generally I’m not a big fan of women’s t shirt styles and I just feel like a t shirt is a t shirt. The tees are made in India from organic cotton. I was very conscious that I wanted them to be really good quality. I could have printed this design on the cheapest crappy white t-shirt possible and saved myself some money but that’s not how we’re going to do things.

If you're a stationery lover get your hands on one of these lovely good-point tees to show your stationery love to the world!

Quality is important to me and I’m sure it is to you too. So we’re doing it right. Same with the tote bags – they’re strong and thick material perfect for carrying your mountain of stationery around. Personally I’m loving how soft the t-shirts are and I keep feeling them because well… I’m a bit weird and I really love them.

How am I selling them?

Rather than buy a load of t-shirts and then have to sell and pack all of them myself I decided to use a third party website to sell my designs. Teemill, which is the service I’m using are a British brand with a factory in the UK are all about sustainable business which is one of my personal values. I def

The black good point t-shirt is perfect for stationery addicts.

How Much are They?

As I’m using a third-party I don’t set the prices myself but they’re very reasonable for such a good quality garment at £19 for an adult t-shirts, £14 for Kids and £12 for a tote bag.

Kids love stationery too! A great gift for your little stationery addict.


For UK customers if you order by 1pm you can get your t-shirt the next working day! For International orders they take 3-5 days minimum.

Shipping isn’t free but make sure you sign up to the dedicated Good Point newsletter to be alerted when there are free shipping offers! Sign up here.

Are you going to be selling other products?

I have LOTS of other products planned – not just t-shirts and bags – but we’re still in the early stages of starting up so I’m hoping this first phase will go well and I can increase the range of cool stuff for stationery addicts that isn’t just stationery!

Looking for the perfect gift for a stationery addict? Look no further. Good Point Designs has you covered.

Where can I get my hands on these beautiful t-shirts for stationery lovers?

HERE HERE HERE!!! Check out the full range and choose your favourite design here! The perfect Christmas gift for any stationery lover and for yourself of course!

Remember to sign up to the newsletter here to get free shipping notifications and news about new designs!

Looking for the perfect gift for a stationery addict? Look no further. Good Point Designs has you covered. Tote bags and t-shirts for stationery lovers.


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