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by | Jan 19, 2019 | Stationery Brands & Shops

Sustainability and avoiding single use plastic items is becoming a big trend this year and rightly so! We’re getting a lot wiser about our buying habits and many of us are trying to buy smarter to reduce our impact on the environment in particular with the use of plastics. But (shock horror) stationery uses a lot of plastics. So with that in mind this blog posts looks at some of the products and companies that are creating sustainable stationery.

Fa Vo 100% Recycled Notebooks

First up lets have a look at Fa Vo. This small company specialises and produces only these 100% recycled notebook. There’s something so great about a company that focusses on one product and makes sure that they do it well.

These Fa Vo notebooks are a great sustainable stationery product. Made from 100% recycled materials!

These beautiful notebooks are available in 4 colours and are ‘tree friendly’. They come in Coffee, Vanilla, Almond and Olive and are available in 4 paper styles: plain, ruled or dotted which means it’s the perfect choice for an eco-friendly Bullet Journal! They’re a really reasonable price at only £10.99 per notebook, a steal when you consider the importance of sustainability. Get your favourite colour from their Etsy shop here.

Paperchase Conscious Living Collection

Paperchase has recently released an entire collection dedicated to sustainable and ‘conscious living’. This collection actually inspired me to finally write this post so here are my favourite stationery picks from their collection.

One big recycling problem that had a lot of publicity recently was the coffee cups. It became apparent that those disposable ‘paper’ coffee cups were actually NOT recyclable because of plastic used to make them leak proof. However in this collection Paperchase features a really cute green notebook made from 8 recycled coffee cups!

I love Paperchase's sustainable stationery collection! They have so many great products all made using eco friendly processes.

In the collection they also feature Pilot’s B2P (Bottle to Pen) water bottle pen which actually looks like a water bottle! As well as using recycled plastic a lot of the pens in this collection are 3D printed with biodegradable sugar cane material! So unlike plastic the barrel can completely break down (sadly the ink cartridge cannot!).

Recycled Pencils

To finish off I’ve picked out some of my favourite recycled pencils for you. I’m a big fan of the pencil and if they’re recycled all the better! These rainbow pencils are just SO aesthetically pleasing and you can get them in both white and black. Grab a set of 3 from Etsy for just £6.

The rainbows are my personal favourites but you can get all sorts of other recycled pencils made from everything from newspaper to recycled CD cases.

These rainbows are super cute AND they're sustainable stationery. They are recycled, what more could you want from a pencil?

Do you use any recycled or sustainable stationery? Let me know in the comments!

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Sustainability is the hot topic right now. We need to think about our effect on the environment, even us stationery addicts since many products we love are made from plastics. With that in mind I wrote this post on sustainable stationery, check it out to find some eco friendly stationery treats.


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