Supplies & Hacks to Speed Up Your Bullet Journal Set Up

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Bullet Journal Supplies, Bullet Journaling, Etsy, Stickers

Bullet journaling is one of my main hobbies but unfortunately I still have a lot going on in my life that means that sitting down to create my bullet journal set up can be tricky! I’m sure that many of us feel the same but still love bullet journaling and want the functionality and personality that goes with the method. So in this post I’m going to tell you some of my favourite hacks and supplies that can speed up the process of setting up your journal exactly how you want it.

Free Printables

Probably my number one tip for speeding up your bullet journal set up is to make use of the whole range of completely free printables available online. You don’t have to print every page but why not print those more boring pages that you never finish (looking at you future log). Concentrate on the pages that you enjoy creating not the ones that you find a chore.

One great example is the year at a glance. Do you really want to spend time writing out a number for all 365 days of the year!? Not me. But is it useful to have one? Definitely. Well in this case I’ve got your back.

Save yourself some time and make your bullet journal set up easier. Get my completely free 2019 year at a glance printable to stick into your bullet journal.

You can get my free 2019 year at a glance printable right here. Just click the image above to download. Then print, cut to size and stick in your journal. Voila! Done and dusted.

You can also follow my pinterest board dedicated to all the best FREE printables for your journal!


One thing that can really help with both decoration and function are stickers! No not the cutesy kiddie stickers that you know but proper grown up planner stickers. If you struggle to create a theme for your journal then using a set of stickers can really help you. I’ve already written a whole article dedicated to the wonderful world of planner stickers so check it out here.

There are some absolutely beautiful grown up stickers available on Etsy so if you have a theme in mind then simply have a search with the phrase ‘planner stickers’.


My last great hack for speeding up your set up is to use stencils. I had no idea how many amazingly useful stencils the amazing creators on Etsy have produced. There is literally a stencil for every set up. You can get some basic stencils that will help you quickly draw boxes which will definitely save time measuring. My personal favourite is this stencil that will help you set up spreads including tricky circular spreads! Simple. Get it here for from Good Created starting from £4.70, or check out the great range of cheaper but still great quality stencils from Oops-A-Daisy UK.

These stencils by Good Created are so useful when setting up your bullet journal. You're guaranteed to save so much time using these.

Get Inspired

Sometimes you just get stuck. I know that often what takes the longest when planning a set up is deciding exactly how I want it. It can take a few attempts before you settle on layouts that you like and that work well for you.

Bullet journals come in all shapes and sizes. They're unique to their creator. If you're struggling for inspiration check out Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing.

It can be really difficult to design a spread especially when you aren’t quite sure what you’re going to use it for. My best advice is to get inspired. Follow people who create set ups that you would use on Instagram and if you’re on Pinterest take a look around at some inspiration boards.

Remember that everyone’s bullet journal is unique and they do NOT have to perfect. In fact the imperfections make it unique to you. When you’re being inspired remember not to compare yourself too harshly but be positive about the impact that inspiration has had on your planning.

What hacks do you use for your bullet journal set up?

I want to hear how you set up your journal. Let me know in the comments follow me on Instagram and on Pinterest to get some great inspiration. Remember to download your free printable by signing up to our mailing list!

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In this post I'm going to tell you some of my favourite hacks and supplies that can speed up the process of setting up your journal exactly how you want it.