Sunday BuJo Club

One of the biggest takeaways for me from starting to run online Journaling workshops is that people want a space to connect with others who have the same interest and a safe space to share their journaling progress.

So I’ve introducd the Sunday BuJo club! It wil be running twice a month on a Sunday Night – once in the middle of the month and one on the last Sunday of the month.

It won’t be a structured workshop it will be a space for us to have a virtual hangout and just chat freely while journaling. You should have already started a journal or be comfortable starting to take part in the session.

There’s more infromation down below but if you’re ready to go go go as there are only 10 space available!

Take online Bullet Journaling workshop for an interactive introduction to this amazing planning system

More Information:

What is Sunday BuJo Club?

Sunday BuJo Club is a space for Bullet Journalists to ge together online via Zoom and online video conferierncing platform to share their experiences with Bullet Journaling, stay accountable to their planning and just have a nice relaxed time together.


Is it Free?

I decided not to offer the club for free – I always feel that when we invest in money into something it’s as though we place more importance on it. I really believe that the practice of Bullet Journaling can have an incredible postivie effect on your daily life which is so important. Plus I’m limiting the capacity to 10 to make it a more personal so I don’t want people signing up for a free place and then not turning or forgetting about it which can often happen.

I also need to account for my time creating all of this for you, my costs running Zoom and my scheduling software.

However I am keeping the costs low and subscribers get a discount and if you multi-book both sessions in one month you get 50% off!


Is it a workshop like Get Started with Bullet Journaling?

This club is not for complete beginners who haven’t started a Bullet Journal and I won’t be giving you a demo or instruction on how to get starte during the Sunday BuJo Club. If you want advice and support with starting a Bullet Journal or understanding the basics please book on to a Getting Started with Bullet Journaling session before attending a BuJo Club. 


Where and when will the sessions take place?

The session will take place on Zoom which is a video conferencing platform. You can sign up to Zoom for free here.

Sunday Bujo Club is an online meetup that happens twice a month (usually in the middle and on the last Sunday of the month) on a Sunday evening to help us get set up and kep motivated to use our Bullet Journals.


What happens after I book?

After you book you’ll receive a confirmation email with the link to the zoom meeting. I may also email you extra information prior to the session. 


I have a question you haven’t answered!

Ooh I’d love to know what your question is about these online Bullet Journaling workshops! Feel free to email me, contact me on my website or send me a message on Instagram and I’ll do my best to answer it for you!