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There’s nothing more satisfying than beautiful study notes. It’s the perfect excuse to use lots of amazing stationery and show off your creativity within your work. Sadly, most of us don’t have the time or patience to do that with all our work but there is a special community of those who do and they Instagram it all for your viewing pleasure. Enter the studygrammer.

In this post I got to interview the lovely @macanstudies an aspiring 17 year old doctor from London curently doing A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, all about how she started her studygram which now has over 27,000 followers(!) and what it’s really like to be a studygrammer.

@macanstudies studygrammer tells us all about her Instagram journey

First up can you please explain for anyone who might have no idea what a studygram and a studygrammer is?

The studygram community is a place where people can post how they study to help motivate people and also provide others with information with what they feel works best for them when studying!  Studygrammers can create these accounts to help motivate themselves as well and can post pictures of their notes to inspire people!

What inspired you to start a studygram? 

I created my studygram just before my GCSE mocks as I was getting quite nervous about GCSE’s and wanted something to help motivate me. I had seen a few studygrams on Instagram already and decided to create one to take inspiration from others and also share my GCSE journey.

@macanstudies study notes are just too beautiful. Read about how she started her successful studygram

Were you already into Instagram?

I definitely wasn’t into Instagram before, I have a personal account which I haven’t used in ages so when I created a studygram I sort of had to learn as I went along!

Did you always write really neat notes before you started your account?

Hmm. I used to put a lot of effort into my notes before as it helped me learn from them but looking back at them now I would definitely not say they were neat! Being part of the studygram community helped me to improve my note taking method and be more efficient and concise. I also improved my calligraphy skills which I now incorporate into my notes too!

@macanstudies gives us an interview all about what it's like to be a successful studygrammer

How has studygramming helped with your grades? Isn’t it a lot of work?

I used to find it hard to juggle the two as school definitely had to take priority but now I’ve found a way to balance the two. I take all my photos at the weekend in preparation for the week and therefore I can focus more on school during the week. During the week, I just go on to my account whenever I have the free time!

What is your least favourite part of being a studygrammer?

The least favourite part is probably when people expect a lot from you! I think there’s an expectation that every studygrammer is an A* student and I can tell you they definitely aren’t! But in a way, it’s a good thing as it can make worried students realise that not everyone is like that and you can still succeed without getting top grades all the time!

@macanstudies our favourities studygrammer and her beautiful notes

What has been your most exciting moment as a studygrammer?

Every moment has definitely been exciting but watching my page take off has been really shocking! When I created it, I didn’t really expect  much from it but when I see that people genuinely come to my page for advice/ inspiration is amazing!

What advice would you give to someone starting a studygram?

The best advice I could give is not to compare yourself to others, as so many people have studygrams and everyone is unique! I wouldn’t worry too much about the numbers as when you are starting out it’s really hard to get noticed! Just give it time and work on building up your feed:)

@macanstudies gives us some advice on how to grow your studygram

Finally can you give me your top 3 studying tips?

1. Don’t leave things last minute!! Create some sort of plan that works for you!! No one wants to be studying for the whole day so much sure you know when to break and also went to study!

2. Make sure you know your learning style! This is what will help you get the most out of your time

3. Ask for help when you need it! Don’t just brush over it because when exam time comes you don’t want to be stressed out because you don’t understanding something!

Follow @macanstudies on Instagram and check out more posts about studygrammers here!

In this post one of our favourite people in the studygrammer community @macanstudies tells us all about what it's like to start your own studygram.


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