Stationery Themed Gifts That Aren’t Stationery!

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Gift Guides, Stationery Community

This is a post where I’m not actually going to talk about stationery itself but rather some other alternative gifts for all the stationery lovers in your life! Including yourself (treat yo’self!). I’ve scoured Etsy and the internet for stationery themed gifts and here is a selection of my favourite.

Stationery Screen Printed Tote Bag

Tote bags are never not useful. This lovely stationery screen print can be useful and express your appreciation for stationery.

Who doesn’t love a tote bag? Practical and durable they’re a perfect gift. You can never have enough in my opinion. Of course they’re also really easy to customise and they’re one of the best gifts to express your interests and your likes. I really love the design of this stationery themed tote bag with cute drawings of loads of stationery items. It’s subtle but it still shows your love for stationery. Get it here for only £10.

Stationery Themed Enamel Pins

These pin badges are so awesome especially because they can help you express your love for all things stationery and planning. My personal favourite is the gel pens!

I’ve only recently started to ‘get’ the whole pin thing. I didn’t really think they would be something I’d ever wear but after receiving a few in some subscription boxes I totally changed my mind. They’re such an easy way to express your love for something, and some of the designs are just so cute. This selection is one of my favourites especially the little pack of gel pens! Choose your favourite here and get them for only £7 each.

Pencil Necklace

I love this pencil necklace. Perfect gift for any stationery lover in your life.

Jewellery is of course another great way to express yourself. I really love this pencil necklace. The colours are really bright and fun. Choose your favourite and get it here for only £18!

Draw Paint Create Tee

This is such a cute t shirt to express your love for all things creative! Get it on Etsy as a hoodie too!

What better item of clothing to snuggle up in than your very own ‘draw paint create’ hoodie. 

Chose your tee or hoodie and order it here

Sterling Silver Pencil Ring

I love this beautiful and delicate pencil ring! It's handmade from sterling silver and just looks so elegant wrapped round your finger. The perfect luxury present for any stationery lover.

This is a really special piece which is a bit more pricey but definitely worth it in my opinion. This gorgeous handcrafted sterling silver ring has been made into the shape of a pencil that will elegantly wrap itself round your finger. I’m a big lover of rings but sometimes trying to express yourself with a piece of jewellery so small won’t work unless it’s minimalist. I love this just because it will perhaps make people do a double take before they realise and exclaim ‘oh isn’t that a beautiful ring and isn’t it clever that it’s a pencil!’. Splash out on someone (or yourself) and get it here for £110.

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