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by | Apr 6, 2018 | Subscription Boxes

So you may have noticed that recently I have done a lot of blog posts all about the incredible world of the stationery subscription boxes! Subscription boxes are a massive new craze at the moment and loads of established and new companies are taking on the trend. But with all the new boxes popping up how the hell are we meant to choose?!

Well here’s where I come in. This list of the best stationery boxes will be updated as I review new ones. This page is designed to be brief and informative and if you want more information you can click through to more detailed posts about the boxes. We aim for you to find your perfect stationery subscription box so if you have a stationery box you want me to review then let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do! So let’s dive in.

Papergang – £10.95

papergang stationery

Bio: A monthly box created by Ohh Deer, a UK based company that prides themselves on producing gifts and stationery designed by talented illustrators. Each month has a different illustrator and theme.

Price: £10.95

Prepaid plans & savings: 3 months (save 50% off first box), 6 months (1 free box), 12 months (2 free boxes).

Shipping: £2.95 for UK, up to £5.95 for International. Total price of box will never exceed £20 when shipping is added.

Contents: Various stationery and accessories based on a central theme, usually designed by a freelance designer. Total minimum RRP of £25 guaranteed.

My Opinion: Although some of the boxes have been really good, like January’s Palm Springs box (which blew me away!) I have been a bit disappointed by the subsequent boxes. The way that the RRP of each individual item is published in a little booklet to show you how much ‘value’ you’re getting puts a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. I definitely wouldn’t pay the RRP for a lot of the items, although some are reasonable.

Get your Papergang box here.

Boho Berry Box – £18

planner gifts

Bio: Boho Berry (alias Kara Benz) has taken the Bullet Journal world by storm with her vlogs and blog posts all about bullet journalling. This year she launched the Boho Berry Box. A subscription box tailored to bullet journalists of the world.

Price: Approximately £18 ($25)

Prepaid plans & savings: You can subscribe to the box with 3, 6 and 12 monthly plans to make savings of $1, $4 and $12 dollars respectively.

Shipping: To the UK (and I presume other international countries) $8 which is approximately £6. Boxes are shipped between the 13th and the 17th. Order by the 13th to receive that months box.

Contents: Boho Berry Paperie products including monthly header stickers and habit trackers. Pens/pencils, washi tape, sticker sheets, bullet journal tools.

My Opinion: I have received two Boho Berry boxes, the February and the March. I felt that one was significantly more ‘worth it’ than the other and I subsequently decided to unsubscribe. The box is in its infancy and to her credit Kara is putting in a lot of work to ensure it’s the best it can be. Personally I’ll be holding off re-subscribing for a little while to see what she does with the next few boxes.

Get your Boho Berry Box here and read m review of the February and March boxes. 

Zakka Kit – £15

subscription box

Bio: A Japanese stationery box curated by Neko Box who also produce a gorgeous Japanese homeware subscription box. Each box contains 6-7 items with a value $24-$28+.

Price: $19.99 (approximately £15).

Prepaid plans & savings: 3 and 6 month plans. Save £3 and £10 respectively.

Shipping: £2.95 for UK, up to £5.95 for International. Total price of box will never exceed £20 when shipping is added.

Contents: Letter writing paper, postcards, washi tape, stamps, stickers and pens (included a mildliner in their Cherry Blossom box).

My Opinion: I really loved the Cherry Blossom theme box which had some really great quality stationery in it. A lot of it is decorative and there was a lot of letter writing tools. Overall I was really impressed, even with the paper that it was wrapped in which was so gorgeous! If you love aesthetically pleasing Japanese design then this is the box for you.

Get your Zakka Kit here and read my full review here

Under the Rowan Trees – £15

Bio: An independent small business run by Danielle from Northumberland. She sells stationery on her online shop and produces a monthly stationery box always with an amazing theme to match the month.

Price: £15

Prepaid plans & savings: Buy 1, 3 or 6 months or set up a rolling monthly contract. I like that this is one of the only boxes where your prepaid plan won’t renew itself.

Shipping: £1.50 in the UK, £4.75 for international.

Contents: Absolutely LOADS of incredible stationery. There were 12 individual items in my last box which included stickers, washi tape, journal charms, pins, notepads, postcards… you get the idea. LOADS.

My Opinion: I was absolutely blown away by the box I received. The theme was jungle leaves and it was done beautifully. Under the Rowan Trees knows how to do a good theme, and they’ve done loads including flamingos, unicorns mermaids and more. If you want a good value stationery subscription box filled with quality items then this is it!

I highly recommend this one and you can get it here and read my full review here

Spotlight Stationery – £25

spotlight stationery

Bio: A UK based company they curate a collection of premium and artisan stationery. This is one for the stationery purists who love good quality simple products, no kawaii in sight. Although they do include a great selection of postcards designed by new exciting illustrators.

Price: £25

Prepaid plans & savings: Monthly OR Bi-monthly option. 3 month prepaid plan for £70 (save £5).

Shipping: £2.95 for UK, up to £5.95 for International. Total price of box will never exceed £20 when shipping is added.

Contents: Pens, notebooks, accessories and postcards. Good quality items (they haven had a pocket Leuchtturm1917 in their Silver box) made by well known companies and new small producers. I was pleased with the items I received but they aren’t quite as exciting as the boxes with a theme involved. If you’re a stationery purist then this is the box for you.

Get your Spotlight Stationery Box here and read my full review here

stationery sbuscription boxes

Which other boxes should I review?

Are there any stationery subscriptions boxes I should know about? Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to do a review! If you own a subscription box business and want in then feel free to contact me and we can work something out!

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