5 Ways to Know If You’re a Stationery Magpie

As someone who loves stationery you will recognise that it affects your life, and you family and friends lives, in a particular way. Here’s a list of five things you will know if you are a self-confessed stationery magpie.


1. You cannot walk past a stationery store. You have to just ‘have a quick look’.

Any stationery magpie knows that it’s nearly impossible to walk past a beautiful stationery shop and not go inside. It doesn’t matter if you went in the other week, you never know what they might have just had in! You may also have a long suffering partner or friend who is routinely dragged into said stationery shop for you to just have a ‘quick look’. But we all know that a ‘quick look’ doesn’t exist.

2. Your friends may think you have all of the stationery possible. But you know there’s always more.

To the average person, stationery is stationery. But you my friend have come through the rabbit hole. You now know that the world of stationery is vast and rich with pens, notebooks, washi tape and sooo much more. They may think you’re crazy for buying five types of highlighter but you know there’s a difference between them.

3. You get anxious if someone asks you to borrow one of your pens.

To some people a pen is just a pen. But to you, a stationery magpie, every pen is unique. If someone wants to borrow your pen you may reluctantly agree but if its one of your special pens then you watch that person like a hawk until they hand it back. Pen pilferers are our worst nightmare.

4. One of your favourite past times is scrolling through beautiful stationery instagram accounts. Or Pinterest.

A surefire way to calm a stationery magpie is to put them in front of an Instagram feed of beautifully curated pictures of stationery collections, stationery shops and planner pictures. Check out these posts to find some amazing Instagram accounts with stationery pictures to soothe your soul.

5 Artistic Bullet Journal Instagrams


5. You’re constantly having to find new ways to organise your growing collection of stationery.

Oh the pain of trying to organise your ever growing collection. You may find the perfect way to organise your collection but you know it won’t last because inevitably your stationery collection will grow and it will outgrow your current organisation system. Unless you’re one of the lucky few that can afford to dedicate a whole room to your collection of course. But who knows… even that might not be big enough?


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