How to connect with the Stationery Lovers Community

by | May 1, 2019 | National Stationery Week, Stationery Community

Day 3 of National Stationery Week! I can’t believe I’ve been able to keep up so far but yay! Today is also World Stationery Day so what better to celebrate than look at the amazing community of stationery lovers. In this blog post I’m going to show you how you can connect with other stationery lovers around the world.

Start a Journal So You Can Use Stationery All the Time

I have loved stationery for a long time but after finishing up with education I had a bit of a dilemma. What the hell would I use all my stationery for? I had no excuse to buy any! Well that’s where my bullet journal came in. Once I started my bullet journal I had a great excuse to start buying awesome stationery again! Hooray! If you want to start a bullet journal check out my post here as a quick start guide or have a look at my Bullet Journal for Beginners Pinterest board to find loads of great step by step guides.

Connect with the bullet journal and stationery lovers community by joining facebook groups!

Join Stationery and Bullet Journal Loving Facebook Groups

Groups on Facebook are a really great place for you to ask questions and get advice from fellow stationery lovers. I’m part of lots of great groups mainly focussed on bullet journals and you can find my directory of bullet journal Facebook groups to connect with your people. There are some general groups and some super specific interest groups (think Bullet journalists who love Harry Potter!)

Follow Stationery Lovers on Instagram

Instagram is full of amazing creative people who are all sharing their amazing creations. If you’re already on instagram go on a follow spree of some amazing stationery lovers. A tip to find them is to look for studygrams and bullet journal accounts. Many accounts will post their creations and also their love of their stationery supplies so get following and connect! And of course you can start by following me! 😉

I post a lot of my favourite stationery on instagram so get following and connect with the community on Insta

Get on Pinterest

Pinterest is technically more of a search platform than a social media platform but you can still connect with some great people. There are so many boards full of inspiration and supplies. I have absolutely loads of boards dedicated to stationery and journaling check them out here.

Sign up to my Newsletter!

Hello, connect with me! I’m a stationery lover and one of my goals for this blog is to create a community of stationery lovers. I love to connect with readers and fellow stationery lovers so get on my newsletter where I send out updates on my blog and an offers email to enable your stationery addiction! You can sign up here and get access to my free resource library once subscribed.

Get involved with National Stationery Week by engaging with the daily hashtags!

National Stationery Week is a great time to find fellow stationery lovers because it’s the time when they’re all shouting on social media about how much they love stationery!!! Here are all the daily hashtags so get involved!

Get involved with the stationery community by engaging with National Stationery Week hashtags