Spotlight Stationery Subscription Box Review

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Subscription Boxes

Oh look… yet another review of a stationery box. Yes to answer your question my bank account is looking a little bare after all these subscription boxes. After this post I have yet another review to write of another stationery box! But that will have to be the last one for a while… I think. Well anyway, this time I review a box which was one of the first I stumbled across when I started this little blog, Spotlight Stationery.

About Spotlight Stationery

Spotlight stationery was set up by Mary & Rob. Based in the UK they have combined one’s love of pens pencils and all things stationery with the other’s expertise in IT. A perfect partnership! They curate a collection of premium and artisan stationery into a beautiful box delivered to your door. They also sell past boxes and gift sets on their website.

spotlight stationery box

Contents & Themes

The focus of the Spotlight Stationery box is quality stationery items. You won’t find cutesy Kawaii stationery in here but good quality essentials based around a theme. For example last month’s ‘Silver’ box contained a pocket sized silver dotted Leuchtturm1917 notebook! The theme of the box I received was ‘Bright!’ which contained the following:

  • 3 mini notebooks with hybrid pages, approx A6 size
  • Stabilo day-glo orange highlighter
  • Stabilo red Pen88
  • Little and large Zebra Z-grip pens
  • Mini rapesco bulldog clips
  • Post-it note folder
  • Set of postcards featuring work of talented illustrators.

spotlight stationery

Price & Shipping

One box is £25, with shipping priced at £2 for the UK. Europe shipping is £5.25 and the rest of the world is £7.50. You can also choose prepaid options to subscribe with a three month and six month option which renews itself.

What I really like about this box is that they offer a bi-monthly subscription option! This is a really good idea and I definitely think more subscription box services should offer this. As much as I love stationery do I really need to spend £20+ on stationery every month… well… no. As much as I love to hoard stationery I really can’t afford that! But bi-monthly… I can work with that. I think a lot more boxes should start offering this option as it’s definitely more practical.

spotlight stationery review

My Opinion

The contents of the box was good, I felt like it was worth the money but the items didn’t really excite me much. Perhaps because the focus of the box is quality over style and design. I do personally really enjoy when the items are a little more unique and lets be honest… cute. I do acknowledge that I have been on quite a spree with stationery boxes recently so perhaps I’m a little overwhelmed with new stationery.

Regardless I do really like the box. I think it’s a great box for people who are more interested in functional good quality stationery that’s not too busy or plastered with cutesy design elements. The quality of all the items was good, the only items I was a little disappointed in were the Darkstar notebooks. The staples to bind the books together weren’t very neat which meant the notebooks didn’t close well and the cover paper had little scuffs and tears in the corner which was a shame. But that’s me being super picky. I still really like them and I’ll probably use them for language learning and vocab. My favourite items in the box were probably the postcards. As I said, I love quirky an interesting design so I really liked these.

Get your own Spotlight Stationery Box!

Have you subscribed to Spotlight Stationery already? Let me know what you think of the service. Or if you want to try it for yourself then click here to subscribe!

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