September Plan with Me: Scandinavian Theme

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You may have noticed that recently I’ve been a little on and off with the blog! I’m sorry. In fairness to myself I moved back to the UK from Mexico 3 weeks ago and wow it’s taken some time to get my head back together! But here I am with my September plan with me!

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to get back into my bullet journal AND my blog in a big way so I took some inspiration from my favourite IKEA pillow and I filmed, edited and today I published my first decent Plan with Me video for September!

You can watch the video below but in this blog post I’m also going to show you some proper shots of the spreads I created and talk you through my process.

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The Theme

Since it’s coming up to Autumn (my favourite season) I wanted to do something vaguely autumnal but not the usual brown falling leaves theme. I wanted some colour, fun and creativity. My inspiration came from my favourite IKEA pillow the RÖDARV which is inspired by traditional Swedish cushions according to their website! I bought it about 2 years ago now but you can still get it here for £19.

My colour scheme is a beautiful collection of rich but vibrant colours with a couple of pastels to complement the bold colours. When I use an item as inspiration I spend some time looking at the inspiration and swatching the colours to test the shades.

A great way to get bullet journal inspiration is to use everyday furnishings that ca inspire you like this pillow from IKEA!
You can also see my avocado test drawings for my July spread!


Cover Page

I actually worked on my cover page last but essentially I just sketched out the letters to make sure they would fit in the page as September is kind of a long word. Then I copied a lot of the cool designs onto the page. I started off with some of my favourite big designs then filled in the empty space with smaller leaf shapes.

My September plan was inspired by scandinavian folk art off an Ikea cushion! I love how it turned out.

Monthly Layout

I’m still managing to use a Dutch door for every month in this bullet journal which was my challenge for this journal. I’ve now used 6 dutch doors! If you want to find out more about Dutch doors check out this Ultimate Guide to Dutch Doors blog post here.

My monthly page for september is scnadinavian folk themed and I'm in love with all of the bright colours!

I decided to cut off both the first and last days of the month in my September plan because they were respectively a Sunday and a Monday and they would just eat into space in the layout that I didn’t want them to. Besides I always put crossover weeks in the months that has the majority. Since September didn’t have the majority for either they were axed!

I did a basic calendar for my personal monthly layout and on the other side of my dutch door I have more a of a list view for my blog. I like to separate them out so I don’t get overwhelmed and I find it works well for me. My dutch door doesn’t go all the way up the page, just 31 boxes up for the month log.

In September I used a Dutch door in my monthly spread to create space for a separate monthly log.

My lettering is pretty basic I just mixed up the cases and elongated the letters. A really simple technique but I really liked the effect. I added some shadows in the colour palette.

The only other sections on the page are a little tasks section, a goals section and a place to write notes about next month. I filled some of the space up with some doodles off the pillow.

Brain Dump

My September Brain dump featured some doodles to fill in the space as I didn't really need to use the whole page. I love this scandinavian theme for autumn. It's so colourful and fun!

I didn’t put a notes section on my September monthly page because I’ve found that I don’t need it with having a brain dump. In the past few months I’ve barely used my notes sections so it was time to get rid of it! I didn’t really need the whole page so I filled up some of the space with doodles. If I knew I’d go back to fill in the spaces after I’d finished with it I would but knowing myself once I’m done with a page I won’t touch it again!

Gratitude Log

I had such a busy August that I didn’t even have time to create a gratitude log! In fact although I created a gratitude log for July I didn’t even use THAT! It was definitely overdue to reintroduce it into my September plan as it’s definitely one of my favourite pages.

For my September gratitude log I used my mildliner brush pens and used Scandinavian style decorations.

I used my orange sharpie to create a long rectangle and used my Sakura white gelly roll for the dates. The effect was really cool and it made a change from overlaying on black.

I was also really proud of my lettering at the top and I did this using my brand new Zebra Mildliner Brush Pens which I got from Kawaii Pen Shop. Usually I hate how my brush lettering looks but I was really pleased with this. Since I used very light colours I added some shadow with a black fineliner.

Weekly Layout

Another of my goals in this bullet journal was to use more of a variety of weekly layouts. I find this a lot harder to do than the dutch doors challenge! Simply because I’m pretty sure I have my perfect weekly layout! I used that favourite layout below which is the 7 box method where you divide the 2 pages into quarters. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to vary my weekly layouts in my September plan but I’m starting to think that this might just be the layout for me! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?

My first weekly spread of September was an old favourite layout. I love the colour palette on this spread.

Apart from July when I tried out putting my habit trackers on my monthly layout (it didn’t work for me) I pretty much always have weekly habit trackers. My reasoning for this is that I find it’s less intense than having to commit to something for an entire month and if I want to I can easily introduce new habits through the month without messing up my monthly trackers. Even though I like the flexibility of being able to change up my habit trackers every week I pretty much always have the same 4 habits: yoga, reading, bullet journaling and blogging!

I always track my habits on a weekly basis in my bullet journal so I can change them up if I need to.

What’s your September Plan theme? Let me know in the comments!

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