Season 2 of the Creative Productive Podcast out now!

Hi! I’m Sarah aka Stationery Magpie.

I’m a creativity and productivity mentor who is passionate about helping you gain control over your life through effective realistic productivity methods so that you have the time energy and space to explore the things you love that light you up and make life worth living!


In this episode I examine why we hate giving up on things and what stops us from freeing up our energy from the things that aren’t making us happy or serving us. Giving up can be a positive productive act that can make space for us to pursue the things we actually want to do. So I dive deep and share a personal story about a time I gave up in the hope that it will help you to decide if you need to give something up yourself so you can pursue more important things that are going to have a more positive impact on your life. 

I’d love to hear your own experiences of letting go of things in your life feel free to email me or follow me on Instagram @stationerymagpie and drop into my DMs

Listen to the episode: