Quote Pencils to Remind You to Be Fierce

Everyone needs some positive motivation in their life, so why not get it from your stationery too? Quote pencils are useful and quirky. They can remind you to be fierce in your everyday life. They’re great as an inexpensive gift but the potential for personalisation is infinite.

Girl Boss Motivational Pencils

This awesome set of six pencils with motivational quotes is a great gift for any of the girl bosses in your life. Stamped with six different quotes to help you feel like a boss they’re cute and sassy.

quote pencils

Get them from Wildflower & Company‘s Etsy shop for £6.15 here.

DirtyWork Motivational Pencils

If you like your motivational quotes complete with swear words to add a little extra oomph then these are the pencils for you. There’s nothing like a well placed curse word to give you a kick up the backside and make you feel fierce.

Get them from Dirty Work Designs for only £3.75 here.

Be Kind, Be Fearless, Be Strong

When you need some inner strength these three beautiful white pencils will inspire you to find it. The white and gold looks so classy, how can you resist?

quote pencils stamped

Get them from Tilly & Type on Etsy for £8.76 here.

Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

For days when the b******* are getting you down, lift your spirits with these adorably girly pencils. With these pencils in hand nobody will be able to dull your sparkle gurl.

quote pencils

Get them here from Taylor Elliot Design’s Etsy shop for £8.46.

Boss Pencils

For the ladies who have stuff to get stuff done these are perfect. Picture this: you’re sat at your desk struggling to concentrate, you glance at your pencil. ‘Make Things Happen’ it tells you. Yes pencil, you’re right. Lets do it!

quote pencils cute

Get them from here for £5.38

What She Tackles She Conquers

If someone you know is facing a challenge then remind them they are strong with this strengthening quote. Six pretty pink pencils to remind you you can tackle everything and come out victorious.

quote stationery

Get them from Jubilee Design Studio for £4.62 here.

Create your Own Set!

If you want a mix of awesome quote pencils then, fab news, you can do just that! Who will you inspire on Etsy has given you lucky people the option to choose your favourites and create a set of six for an incredible price of £3.84! What are you waiting for, the pencils are waiting to motivate you!

quote pencils

Order your perfect set from Who will you inspire on Etsy here.

What motivational quote inspires you to be fierce?

These were our favourites but what about your favourite quotes? Let us know in the comments and let us know what you think about all these awesome quote pencils.


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