Purposeful Journal Subscription Box Review

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Subscription Boxes


Unfortunately after a rocky few months Emily had to shut down Purposeful Journal due to both supply issues and personal complications. Sadly it was a complicated shut down with many refund issues. The big boom of stationery subscription boxes is enticing as a business plan but the amount of work into curating and creating them should not be underestimated! I’m leaving this review up for now as she hopes to relaunch in the future. If you want some alternative then please check out my run down of my favourite stationery subscription boxes compared!

I haven’t done a subscription box review for a while but this one in particular has been a long time coming. I ordered this box back in April and yesterday morning it finally arrived! Purposeful Journal is a brand new independent subscription box by Emily from the UK. The concept of the box is that it’s a monthly gift for bullet journalists with an additional focus on wellbeing and self care. Read on to find out whats inside and my review.

purposeful journal

About the Box

Purposeful Journal is a subscription box aimed at bullet journal enthusiasts. The aim is to keep you inspired and motivated to keep on journaling. Each box has a theme which so far have been based on motivational and wellbeing mantras. This box had the theme ‘I Am Enough’. The June box will be the ‘Warrior’ box and July will be ‘Make a Wish’.

Each box supports a different charity so gives something back. For example July’s box will support the Make a Wish foundation. Emily very much includes the bullet journal community in the choices of charity through her Facebook group Bullet Journal Inspiration.

Emily tries to make sure small businesses are supported in the boxes too. Most of the items are from Etsy sellers and there is a card included with all the business names so you can go and look them up yourselves!

Price & Shipping

The price for each box is £15 and shipping to the UK costs £2.95. Currently there isn’t an option to purchase a rolling subscription so you have to buy each individual box separately every month. Emily is working on this and the subscription option should be available soon but at the moment it’s great news for me who keeps forgetting to unsubscribe to the many subscription boxes I review!!!

purposeful journal stationery

One of the improvements I would though is resizing the box to make it fit through a letter box. I know a lot of subscription boxes that do this and save a lot on shipping. The other advantage is that you don’t have to be at home to receive it. I’m a part of the Bullet Journal Inspiration group created by the Purposeful Journal page and a lot of people on that had to go and pick up their boxes from the post office due to the size of the box and he delivery being attempted while they were out at work. All of the items could have definitely fit into a large letter size and it would reduce a bit of the waste and bulk.

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Themes & Contents

The box I received contained a mix of stationery and journaling items and some self care gifts along the theme of ‘I Am Enough’. Here’s a list of everything the box contained:

  • Washi tape
  • Stickers
  • Self-care tracker card
  • Oops-a-daisy stencil
  • Dual markers x2
  • Twinings Glow tea bag
  • Stickers sheets x3
  • Postcard
  • Bath salts
  • Badge
purposeful journal box

Is It Worth It?

When I list all the items it actually feels like there was a lot in the box. My favourite items were the dual markers which actually wrote really well despite the fact that they’re unbranded. I thought that the little gifts were cute but the bath salts were a little too strong smelling for me and I’m not really a fruit tea drinker. I’ll probably give that away to someone. One of the best items in here was the stencil. I’ve seen Oops a Daisy UK Stencils on Etsy and I know that their stencils sell for £4.75. It’s not the kind of thing I’ll probably use a lot in my journal but I’m sure many people would.

This was the first proper box and I think Emily has done a really amazing job. I love the message that she conveys with her business. She has very clear goals in that she wants the box to be a positive presence in the subscribers lives and to support small businesses AND give back to charity.

stationery subscription box