Perfect Father’s Day Stationery Gifts

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Gift Guides

Father’s Day is coming up on June 16th so now is the perfect time to get thinking about how to show some appreciation to your papa. Men often seem to like presents that are more useful than just pretty so stationery is the perfect choice for a Father’s Day gift. In this post I’ve picked out some great stationery gifts perfect for father’s day that are both useful and cool.

Best Dad Quote Pencils

These cute pencils are a cheap and cheerful gift for the dad who tells you not to spend any money on him. Who doesn’t need a handy little pencil to jot down notes, lists and more. Every time your dad picks up one of these he’ll be able to remember how great you think he is. Isn’t that lovely? Pick one up here for £2.50.

A perfect cheap and cheerful gift for father's day to let your dad know he's the best.

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Personalised Engraved Parker Pen

This Parker rollerball pen is an absolute classic and a great idea especially if your dad works in an office or goes to lots of official meetings. Parker pens are classic and well regarded for their quality. With this pen you can make sure that no pen pilferers ever get a hold of it because you can get it engraved with your dad’s name! What a great way to protect your pens as well as give your dad a special personal gift. Get one of these bestsellers for only £14.99 here.

Show your dad how important he is with this personalised parker pen. Get his name or a message engraved on the pen!

Personalised Notebook & Pencils

This sleek black notebook with a monogram is a great choice for a sophisticated papa. In this important notebook your father can write down all his most important thoughts and musings with his matching monogrammed pencils of course. Get this set here for £16.99.

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

A fountain pen is a really great semi-luxury item to get your dad. It looks sleek and expensive but it won’t break the bank. Fountain pens are actually an increasingly popular hobby to have so who knows you might even start your dad off on a new interest? Get this Matte Black LAMY Safari, a great starter fountain pen here from Amazon for £17.99.

Start your dad off on a new hobby with this LAMY safari matte black fountain pen. Perfect for a father's day gift.

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Personalised Carpenter Pencils

If you have a DIY dad then a normal pencil might not cut it but these carpenter pencils are a great idea for father’s day. If you don’t already know carpenter pencils are shaped so that they won’t roll of a workstation if they’re knocked. You can get this cool pack personalised and choose your dad’s favourite colour. Prices start at £16.31 have a look at all the options here.

Let your DIY loving dad know he's special with these personalised carpenter pencils.

Personalised Desk Tidy

Most of us could do with a little more desk organisation. A lot of dads are also very particular about their ‘stuff’ and keeping it all in order. So help him out with this great desk tidy that you can also have personalised. It can hold his phone, keys, watch and more and it packs flat! Get it here for £20.

Help your dad get his desk organised with this personalised desk tidy from Etsy and check out more father's day stationery gifts in my blog post.

Have you bought any Father’s Day Stationery Gifts? Let me know in the comments!

Father's day is coming up fast. If you want to find a great stationery gifts are the way to go. Dad's love useful stuff. Stationery is the perfect choice.


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