The Best Pastel Highlighters

Gone are the days when we could only get highlighters in bright neon hues that made our eyes hurt. Now is the age of the pastel. Life is stressful and we need soothing colours to combat it. Enter the pastel highlighters.

Pastel stationery has been big for a while. The trend is still very much at large particularly for bullet journals and studygrammers. What makes pastels so great is that the subdued colours complement the dark black ink and don’t detract the attention while still providing a pop of colour. This lends itself perfectly to highlighters. In this post we give you a run down of the best pastel highlighters available read on to find a new favourite.

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Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters

Six beautiful shades of pastel. These highlighters are extremely popular with many stationery addicts. The pastel shades make text underneath a lot easier to read and the muted colours make a change from the usual day-glo colours associated with highlighters but they are still super pigmented and bright. Get the full set of 6 from Ryman for only £6.99.

The iconic stabilo boss pastel highlighters. A change from the usual day glo that hurts your eyes!

Pilot FriXion Pastel Erasable Highlighters

These are the only erasable highlighters that I’ve seen that come in pastels. The Pilot FriXion range is all erasable including these highlighters. This is especially useful for studying because any mistakes can be erased! The colours on these pastels are also very soft which won’t detract from your notes. Get them from Kawaii Pen Shop here (MAGPIE10) or from Amazon.

These pastel highlighters by Pilot are not only beautiful but erasable! Perfect for study notes.

Zebra Mildliner

We can’t have a pastel blog post without mentioning the ever popular Zebra mildliners. These dual tipped pens come in a few different sets but the pastel set is one of the most popular. You will have seen these featured on many studygram and bullet journal accounts. Get your own set here on Amazon or you can also order here from Kawaii Pen Shop with our 10% discount code (MAGPIE10) or from Amazon for £13.99 a set here.

The legendary Zebra Mildiners are one of the top choices for pastel highlighters.

Stabilo Swing Cool Pastel Highlighters

If you’re not keen on the shape of the Boss and want something a bit more streamlined why not take a look at the Swing Cool range from stabilo. As well as the barrel of the pen being thinner and easier to hold the tip is a little thinner. They feature the beautiful pastel palette of the boss but with more grip and a clip. Get a great value 8 piece set from Ryman for only £10.99.

The sleeker little sister of the stabilo boss these swing cool pastel highlighters are a great choice if you need a slimmer tip.

Do you have a favourite pastel highlighter? Let me know in the comments!

Pasetl highlighers are big right now both for studying and creating beautiful notes and for decorating your journal. In this post we pick out the best available for you. Check it out to find a new favourite pastel set.

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The links to merchants on this site are affiliate links. In simple terms this means that if you click through and make a purchase I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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