My Stationery Guilty Pleasures

by | May 3, 2019 | Accessories, National Stationery Week

It’s day 5 of National Stationery Week 2019 and its #derwentfeelgoodfriday. This got me thinking about why my stationery makes me feel good and in particular my guilty pleasures of stationery. The stuff that I really shouldn’t be buying but I just have to have. The stationery that turns me into a kid again and gets me super excited. So here’s a list of my of my stationery guilty pleasures.

Washi Tape

Washi is one of those items that I just get super excited about when I spot it in a shop! I already have plenty and to be honest I don’t even use it that much but if I spot a rack of it… good luck holding me back! You can check out my blog post that lists the Best Washi Tape Etsy Stores if you’d like to fuel your own washi addiction. I will not be held responsible!

Washi is one of those items that I just get super excited about when I spot it in a shop! I have plenty but I can always make space for more!

Cute Notebooks with Kick Ass Slogans

I’ve seen so many memes around about not needing another notebook but I’m sorry stationery magpies DO. Especially if, like me, they’re prone to starting a lot of random projects. You just need a new notebook for a project if you are EVER going to make it work. Well that’s what I tell myself. Paperchase know how to do a slogan notebook with style and many of them can be personalised if buying online. The perfect positive place to start your project (or put on your shelf to radiate positive vibes in your room). Check out Paperchase’s range of notebooks which has some great picks with some awesome slogans!

A notebook with a great slogan is always hard to resist. That's why it's on my list of stationery guilty pleasures! Check out the rest.

Sparkly Pens

Last year at the London Stationery Show I rediscovered the sparkly gel pen shall we say with Pentel. I don’t know why I hadn’t really thought of them before but once I had a try I was hooked! If I see a sparkly pen now I am all for it. My absolute favourites are still these Pentel hybrid dual metallic pens, they look different on white and black paper!!! How amazing is that!? Get your own here I promise you’ll squeal with joy just like I did.

These pentel pens are my favourite pens that make me feel like a child again they are just so cool!
pentel dual hybrid pens

Novelty Paperclips

Novelty paperclips definitely have the kawaii factor for me. So much so that I wrote a blog post justifying that there is a novelty paperclip for everyone. My current novelty paperclip of choice are my cat paperclips that I will often use in front of my students just to blow their minds. ‘Paperclips that look like cats teacher?!’ Oh yes student, you have no idea.

Novelty paper clips are such a guilty pleasure. Sure a normal paperclip could do the job but the novelty paperclip does it in style.

Pastel Highlighters

Now apart from using them in my bullet journal for occassional accents of colour I really don’t have much use for highlighters in my life other than having them sit on my desk and look beautiful. But if I spot pastel highlighters then I will have to test every single one and I’m probably going to walk away with at least one in my bag (after I pay for it of course!) If you have a weakness for pastels like me check out my blog post comparing all the best pastel highlighters.

I have such a weakness for pastel highlighters. They always end up in my basket either online or in stores!