Why Include a Mood Tracker in Your Bullet Journal

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Bullet Journaling, Wellbeing

There are lots of ways that you can use your Bullet Journal for mental health. One of those ways is by creating a mood tracker! The way it works is that you track how you feel on a day to day basis. But why would you want to do that? In this post I tell you explain the benefits so you can decide if including a mood tracker in your bullet journal is a good idea for you.

Acknowledge How You Feel

The first benefit is the most obvious. By tracking your moods you’re acknowledging your feelings and that in itself is sometimes the first step in becoming more in touch with your mental health. Not every day will be amazing, sometimes a day is rubbish and you just want to get through it. By having an overview of your moods you’ll be able to examine your state of mind in context which can be really helpful when trying to make adjustments to improve things.

Get Creative with a Theme

You might not use a full bullet journal theme for every month but a mood tracker is a great way to be creative and design a mood tracker. There are absolutely tonnes of amazing ideas for mood trackers and there is no limit to what you can create as a mood tracker, as long as there’e space to fill in or show your mood. Let your creativity run wild! Check out my Pinterest board full of amazing mood tracker inspiration.

Do Something Mindful

There’s a reason there’s been a huge craze for mindful colouring books. Doing something like colouring in or drawing can be a really nice mindful activity to calm yourself down and process how you’re feeling. You don’t necessarily have to create a masterpiece even just drawing out grid lines carefully can be therapeutic. If you want to get more complex though you can try out a mood mandala like my picture below.

bullet journal mood tracker

Create Something Beautiful out of Bad Days

One of my favourite things about my mood trackers is that even though I had a few bad days those colours or patterns contribute to make something really beautiful and inspiring. It’s a reminder that life goes up and down and a bad day doesn’t necessarily mean a bad year! It’s all part of life and learning to roll with it is a great coping mechanism.

Do you use a mood tracker in your bullet journal? Let me know what kind!

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There are loads of ways that you can use your bullet journal for mindfulness and self care, one of those ways is by creating a mood tracker!


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