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What would life be like if you had more control over your productivity?

  • More control over your life and time and not constantly feeling like you’re in catch up mode
  • More clarity and structure so that you can make meaningful progress with the projects you’re passionate about.
  • More focus and the ability to be present with the things that you care about
  • More significant but sustained progress without sacrificing having a life outside of your productive efforts
  • More habits, practices and systems that will support your creative productive lifestyle

What’s the point of productivity?

Productivity is not being busy all the time. 

Productivity is not doing everything.

Productivity is not a long to do list and long days at your desk. 

Productivity is when you’re in control of the important and essential tasks in your life and you’re intentional about what’s going to move you forwards to get to where you want to be – whether that’s changing your lifestyle or pursuing a goal AND you still have time to do the things that you just enjoy. 

We shouldn’t have to sacrifice having a life to move forwards with our goals. They can work together and create a fulfilling purposeful life for you to live. 

You are not tied to a desk or slave to a plan. You are in control. You know that those important essential things will get done because you have a system for them. And the things that are going to move you closer to your goal are there too helping you make slow but sustained progress to get to where you want to be. 

The call was amazing! You’re so down to earth and approachable as well has having a ton of knowledge and ideas. I was a bit apprehensive before the call but you put me at ease straight away. I love all the action points we came up with and feel much more motivated – I can’t wait to get started!

– Rachel S, Mentoring Client

Having recently put pen to paper and start bullet journaling in August 2020, we discussed my current planning and productivity processes and how they worked for me and Sarah was able to identify how the processes could be simplified and improved. I predominantly use my bullet journal for work but was finding it difficult to forward plan and Sarah was able to provide some awesome ideas and resources for my consideration.

– Emma, Mentoring Client

Sarah I can’t thank you enough, I’ve learnt a lot from your posts, blog and workshops! I’ve learnt new ways to be creative and logic too!! How to do simple but effective things to make my journal look great! I inspire for mine to look as amazing at yours one day! Thank you.

– Koral, Creative Confidence Workshop attendee

I really enjoyed Sarah’s style, she is very approachable and natural at explaining her process. She answered all of my questions about and responded so positively to each doubt, particularly when I shared what’s been holding me back – I feel like it was the boost I needed to take those first steps!

– Harriet, Get Started with Bullet Journaling Workshop Attendee

Here’s how I can help:

The Productivity Boost

This is for you if:

  • You feel out of control of your time and schedule and are constantly thinking about what you need to be doing next (rather than focussing on doing the things in front of you)
  • Your current routine isn’t conducive to your productivity and you’re finding it hard to make meaningful progress
  • You’re ready for a change and want to live a life that is focussed on making progress, achieving your goals and living joyfully rather than just trying to get through the day

What we’ll do:

  • Analyse your current routine and productivity patterns
  • Explore ways you can create a system that will support you and free up time to pursue the projects you’re passionate about.
  • Create an action plan for implementing your new productivity patterns

What’s included?

  • A 45 minute zoom call with a follow up email of notes and action points
  • Audio recording of the call
  • 30 days of email support
  • 3 week check in email to keep you accountable

Investment: £100

The Project Push

This is for you if:

  • you want a longer term accountability and support to achieve your project goals and are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of doing it alone.
  • You want to achieve clarity in what’s holding you back and know that things will come up that you don’t want to tackle alone.
  • This programme is designed for those who already have a goal in mind (although it doesn’t have to be concrete) and want clarity and structure so they can make meaningful progress.

What we’ll do

  • Create a plan for your project that best suits you and your lifestyle
  • Keep you accountable to your action points
  • Work through the sticking points together
  • Address whats holding you back and boost your confidence

What’s included?

  • One 45 minute call  to sort out your planning (The Productivity Boost)
  • 3 x45 minute zoom calls to support your progress (usually monthly but spread out at a pace to suit you)
  • All calls recorded in a google drive with notes and action points
  • Access to resources to help you do the work and feedback on tasks
  • Email check-ins between each call to keep you accountable and support via email and voice notes
  • 30 minute closing call to wrap up the work and celebrate your progress!

One Payment


Payment Plan

One payment of £100
then 3 monthly payments of £87

Upgrade from the Productivity Boost

Not sure if you need a one off  boost or long term support?

Get 30 days after the call to upgrade to The Project Push – just pay the difference +£260
(or 3 payments of £87)

Are you in?

The first step is to send me a brief description of why you’re interested in working with me through one to one mentoring so you can boost your productivity and and your creative projects. Feel free to add in any questions you want answering.
Once I’ve received your response I’ll be in touch to arrange an initial clarity call to discuss how we work together.

There’s no obligation to book at this stage we’ll start by exploring the possibilities!

Which package are you interested in?

11 + 10 =


What’s the difference between the packages?

The main difference in the programmes is that the Productivity Boost is a one off call to help you set the groundwork so you can continue to do the work on your own with more clarity and strucutre.

Push your Project is a longer term programme spread over approximately 3 months that will dive deeper into the blocks you’re facing when you’re trying to push your project forwards. There’s more support and accountability to keep you making focussed progress.

I’m not sure if I need a one off boost or ongoing support. Can I upgrade after the first session?

Yes. I believe that getting in control of your time and schedule and productivity style is the first step to start making meaningful progress.  to sort our planning and set the groundwork for you to make progress with your project.

If you sign up to the Productivity Boost you have 30 days to upgrade to The Project Push.


Is this just for business owners?

This mentoring programme is not just for business owners but it will definitely be a great boost for anyone wanting to start out with their own small business, blog or side hustle. I’ve done it myself so I can speak from my experience and from what I’ve learned from other amazing small business owners, bloggers and creatives.

This experience might also be the boost that you need to make positive changes in your life. I can be your personal cheerleader to keep you going and I’ll help you figure out how you can live your best life.

How to decide if we’ll be a good fit:

I understand that when you invest a large chunk in something you want to make sure it’s going to be perfect for you and we need to be able to ‘get’ each other. The best way for you to decide if I’m the right mentor for you is to take a look at my Instagram posts, IGTV live recordings of me chatting to my audience and by signing up to newsletter and reading my blog posts.

I also offer a completely free no-obligation discovery call option where we can discuss the process of mentoring in more detail.

Got another burning question?

Who am I?

I’m Sarah aka Stationery Magpie. I’m passionate about helping more peopl get back in control of their time so they can create a life full of creativity and pursing the projects that we’re excited about that enable us to lead fulfilling joyful lives.