Why Do We Love Stationery So Much? NSW 2018

So our first National Stationery Week is nearly here! The week which starts on Monday celebrates why we love stationery and encourages more people to write by hand. Every day we’ll be celebrating a different theme which is being led by a different stationery brand. I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a HUGE box of stationery to try out thanks to the organisers of NSW 2018.  Each day there will be a different hashtag and I’ll be writing a little bit about each one. There are loads of huge brands involved including Staedtley, Nuco, Mustard and more. Keep an eye out for competitions and activities led by these brands.

Today though I want to talk a little about why exactly stationery is such an obsession for some of us and why we love it so much. My love for stationery started when I was young. I remember getting obsessed with collecting smelly gel pens and being so overprotective over them! Now my tastes are a little more refined but my obsession continues. Here’s why I feel that stationery is so important.

Stationery Is Useful

Now I am one of those people who loves to wander into those cute and overpriced gift shops in lovely little towns. Those treasure troves of quirky and interesting gifts that make us think ‘wow how cool/cute/awesome’. But then I look at the price and reality hits me. When will I ever use this overpriced object? What is it actually going to add to my life? I like it but truly, honestly can I afford to buy something that has no real use to me?

Stationery however is a whole other story. Stationery is always useful, you can usually justify buying a notebook (this will be great for my next project) or a cool highlighter (well I start revising soon so this might motivate me). It is essentially a tool that can be put to use. It’s essentially a basic told but what you use it for is completely up to you. You can write a memoir in a journal, you can use a pen every day to write lists and reminders. You can use post it notes to help you remember things, that interesting paperclip can mark your page.

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Stationery Has Design Potential

Similar to the useful point stationery also has boundless potential to look and function differently. We’re currently experience a boom of stationery innovation. New and innovative products are being brought out all the time. Stationery is essentially quite simple but lots of clever people are building on that and thousands of talented designers and illustrators are putting their own mark on the design of stationery.

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Design stationery is definitely becoming huge. People don’t just want a notebook they want one that reflects your identity, your likes or your beliefs. It might be that you want it to reflect your unique style. Which brings me on to the next point…

Stationery Is Personal

One thing I love about stationery is that there is so much out there tailored to all different types of people. Some people might just be looking for a basic notepad and pen but there is so much scope to make it personal. I’m sure many of you will know that feeling when you pick up and write with a pen and it feels just right. It might not be such an epiphany for the next person but you will have found your pen! There is no one size fits all.

Your reason for using and loving stationery will also be very personal. You might be a writer, maybe an artist or maybe a journal lover. You might just enjoy quirky design and interesting products. Whatever the reason there are many to love stationery. Stationery helps you to express yourself in your own unique way.


Stationery Is Analogue

It’s no secret that in this day there’s a lot more focus on digital tools and media. I mean, I’m writing about analogue stuff on a blog, a digital space! But there’s something still so satisfying about using analogue tools. Perhaps it’s because we feel more of a connection with ourselves. Everyone has their own unique style of handwriting but that’s lost when we type out the words. There’s something that helps us remember things a lot better by forming actual letters with a pen than when we tap keys to denote symbols. Laptops and phones try to draw our attention to other things like emails and app notifications. But anaolgue requires us to be present and focussed on what we are doing.

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Stationery Helps Us to Be More Organised

Lets be honest, there’s nothing like deciding to be more organised and putting it into action with a new diary or journal and shiny new pens. I felt this way a few years ago when I started my very first journal. I ordered a clean beautiful journal and a selection of good quality pens and I could just feel my organisational muscles starting to flex. As I’ve already stated there’s something about using an analogue method that helps us to connect more with our scribblings. When we want to be organised using an analogue system there are no digital contraints. A notebooks battery will never die, we don’t have to operate within the constraints of a digital framework. We are free to use our imagination and our tools have very few limits.


Why do you love stationery? Let me know in the comments!

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What is National Stationery Week?

National Stationery Week is organised by the London Stationery Show (the UK’s only stationery trade show). It’s a week long celebration of stationery that includes the ‘Writing Matters’ campaign which aims to highlight the importance of handwriting. Find out more about National Stationery Week here! We’ll be writing a whole series of posts dedicated to the love of Stationery to celebrate the week!

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