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by | Jan 11, 2019 | Pens

While browsing Facebook recently I came across a post by a user asking for suggestions for planner and stationery supplies made for left handed people. I suppose it had never really occured to me before that this is an issue! I am, I admit, part of the majority right handed people but 12% of the world is left handed. So I thought to celebrate them and their uniqueness I’d write a post picking out some pretty stationery created just for them.

Left Handed Right Minded Quote Pencils

I love these pencils perfect for any leftie you love.

Let’s start with these gorgeous quote pencils. I am a BIG fan of a quote pencil and just pencils in general. I feel like I’ve rediscovered the humble pencil and now I’m in love. But this pencil is a celebration of lefties. A perfect present for your favourite leftie. Get a set of six on Etsy here.

Hex & Ginger – Left Handed Gold Scissors

These gorgeous gold scissors are secretly made for lefties. Check out my blog post for more great left handed stationery.

I’m a big fan of Hex & Ginger, they have such a beautiful selection of diaries and journals that I got to see myself at the London Stationery Show. But they’re also selling these gorgeous gold scissors made for left handed stationery lovers and crafters! Get them from their Etsy shop for £9.

Uni Propus Q-Dry Window Highlighter

Quick dry highlighters are essential for left handed people. These dry super fast and have windowed nibs to make life easier for lefties. Check out the rest of my blog post for more left handed stationery.

Highlighters are just so useful. I’m a big fan of injecting colour into my notes and journaling often just using one pop of colour. But when highlighting smudging is of course an issue for lefties. These Japanese highlighters have rave reviews from lefties for being quick dry and they also have little windows in the nibs! Get them from Kawaii Pen Shop and remember to use my discount MAGPIE10 to get 10% off!

So There – Left Handed Journal

I love this quirky journal for lefties! Check out my blog post for more left handed stationery.

I love this quirky journal that celebrates left handedness! The spiral is on the other side which means that it won’t get in the way for lefties when they’re writing. Get it on Etsy here.

Zebra Sarasa Rapid Dry Gel Pens

Stationery for lefties? You're definitely going to need some quick dry pens. These Rapid Dry Sarasa pens are the perfect addition to the leftie pencil case.

One huge problem for lefties is smudging as they’re writing. But there are pens that are resistant to this annoyance. Enter the Zebra Sarasa Rapid Dry Ink Gel Pens. They dry almost in less than a second so now you can use this beautiful spectrum of colours without worrying about smudging! Get them from Amazon for £8.99.

Are you a leftie? What’s your favourite stationery?

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Looking for perfect stationery for lefties? In this blog post I pick out some of the best left handed stationery. Perfect for yourself of your favourite leftie friends.


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