Kawaii Pen Shop: Complete Review, Shipping and Legitimacy

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A lot of us are trying to find Bullet Journal supplies on a budget and in the many bullet journaling and stationery groups I’m part of I often see the same questions over and over again specifically about this one online stationery shop Kawaii Pen Shop.

‘Is Kawaii Pen shop legit?’

‘Is Kawaii Pen Shop trustworthy?’

‘What’s the deal with Kawaii Pen Shop shipping times?’

Well I’m here to give you some more information and hopefully answer all your questions and concerns. First of all let me start by disclosing that I do have an affiliate partnership with Kawaii Pen Shop. I have a discount code which, when used, gives me a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps me to keep this site running and give you all the great articles about journaling and stationery. But rest assured I would never be partnered with any company that was not legitimate, it would not benefit me by doing that

In this review first of all I’m going to talk a bit about the shop itself then answer some of the many asked questions by stationery lovers all over the internet who might think that this online shop is too good to be true!

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Kawaii Pen Shop was founded by Marin who is a lover of Asian culture and stationery. She has always loved getting her hands on cute stationery from Asia and as she realised that other people had the same desire, Kawaii Pen Shop was born! Her vision is that everybody has access to all the funky, cute stationery that comes from Asia.

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Is Kawaii Pen Shop ‘Legitimate’?

The range is quite impressive. They stock a great mix of good functional pens with cute novelty pens as well as loads of other stationery accessories. Brands include Zebra, Tombow and Stablio. They also stock a fabulous range of washi tape, stickers, notebooks, erasers and loads more. Prices are also incredibly reasonable with frequent sales on a lot of the items that make everything great value.

When I have ordered from Kawaii Pen Shop, anything branded was definitely legitimate. I ordered Muji Pens which were definitely legit and everything is decent quality so rest assured you will be getting what you pay for but for a great price.

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You can also purchase Gift Cards if you know a stationery lover but you don’t quite know what to get them. There are a few amounts available and Gifts are delivered by email and redeemed at checkout.

What’s the deal with shipping times from Kawaii Pen Shop?

Did you know that Kawaii Pen shop offers free shipping for EVERYWHERE! Yes that’s right everything is free shipping. I don’t know about you but that definitely pleases me. I really hate when I’ve filled up a shopping cart full of amazing items only to find that shipping is going to add a hefty amount on top. Most of the time I end up abandoning my order. But you don’t have to worry about that at all with Kawaii Pen Shop.

However this isn’t a shop for the impatient. Shipping can take a long time (sometimes up to a month) and if you order a lot of items do not expect them to arrive all at once in the same package! When I did a test order I had 4 different pens (yes singular pens!) arrive in separate tiny packages! A little bit strange but in a way it was kind of nice, I mean who doesn’t love getting packages?!

Customer Service

Despite the very long strange shipping times your order will arrive and if it doesn’t they are extremely helpful. When I was waiting on a pad of sticky notes that were taking an astoundingly long time to arrive I emailed and they had good customer service. It turned out they arrived a few days later anyway so all was good.

The main thing to take away from this is not to rely on the shipping times to deliver in time for anything important like birthdays or Christmas. Or just be extra prepared and order items well in advance! Either way Kawaii Pen Shop are transparent about shipping times.

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If you wish to return products that have no quality issues then you will have to pay the postage and they may charge you a restocking fee. As soon as the item is received the refunds are processed.

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Get a 10% Discount off your order!

As we are partnered up with Kawaii Pen Shop we can offer you, our lovely readers, a 10% discount on any orders you make with them! Simply enter MAGPIE10 at the checkout when you place your order! So what are you waiting for? Get over there and start shopping!!! Remember you don’t even have to worry about shipping!

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Many people wonder if the online stationery shop Kawaii Pen Shop is actually legitimate. It seems too good to be true! Well take a look at this article for the answers to all your questions about kawaii pen shop.