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We’re already on the fourth post in the Journaling Journeys series! This month I have the lovely Katie from Find the Good Everyday! I met Katie in person at an adults stationery party down in London and she was wearing a dress covered in Paperclips! Amazing. In this blog post she shares how she uses the Morning Pages journaling method to boost her productivity and creativity.

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About Katie

Katie from Find the Good Everyday is a big fan of using Morning Pages

Hello! My name is Katie and I blog at Find the Good Everyday. You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I enjoy seeking ways to be happier with a focus on self-care and positivity. Journaling is one of the things that makes me happy. As a writer, a list-maker and a planner I use multiple journals in different ways. Every day I keep a gratitude diary, use a bullet journal for planning and organisation and I write Morning Pages. Today I’d lIke to share more about the process of Morning Pages Journaling with you.

What Kind of Journal do you currently use?

Morning Pages is a concept from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. (If you haven’t read it – I would recommend it). The idea of morning pages is to journal 3 pages of long-hand stream of conscious writing each morning when you wake up. Trying to get the thoughts out before the brain even knows they are thoughts. This helps clear the mind to make way for creative ideas and self expression. I have recently started my 31st volume of Morning Pages! And I use A5 lined notebooks. I have used hard and soft backed notebooks at varying costs and some have been gifted to me. I love that Morning Pages journaling allows me to use notebooks I would otherwise be ‘saving for a special occasion’!

How did you Begin your Journaling Journey?

I actually started writing Morning Pages before I had read The Artist’s Way. Back in 2015 I took part in an online self-development retreat and we were tasked with writing Morning Pages each day during the 4 week retreat. I got hooked and have carried on ever since. I miss the occasional day and sometimes they end up being afternoon or evening pages by the time I get to them but for the most part I write morning pages every morning when I wake up.

What areas of your life has journaling had the biggest impact on?

Morning Pages are like therapy to me. They allow me to get out all the thoughts swirling around in my head and onto the page. Through my daily journaling I have been able to make major life decisions (like deciding to move back to the UK from New Zealand) as well as work through grief, anger and sadness. I’ve also been able to celebrate and document my life. Morning Pages have led me to creative ideas and even prompted me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Katie from find the good everyday shares her journaling journey with us

Were you surprised by anything when you started Journaling? How did your journaling process change or develop?

I was surprised how quickly Morning Pages became an integral part of my self care. To begin with I had to set a daily reminder to write them but they soon became something I missed if I skipped a day. The content of my Morning Pages journaling is always changing because it’s whatever is in my head each morning. If nothing immediately comes to me I often write about the previous day or plans for the current day. And that sometimes leads on to creative ideas or inspiration. Over time I’ve fallen in and out of love with the process. Sometimes it’s felt like a chore (interestingly this is often because I’m holding something back and not letting it out onto the page) but I always come back to it.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to start a journal?

Grab a notebook and a pen that you like writing with. Set a reminder each morning for a week. And give it a go. Try to write the pages before you pick up your phone or get ready for the day. And just see what happens. It may feel awkward to begin with if you are unused to or out of practice with stream-of-conscious journaling. Just start with a recap of what’s happening in your life right now or write down what you want to achieve that day. Try to find a flow where you are writing without questioning or judging your thoughts.

How to start Morning Pages Journaling

Anything else you want to say about your Journaling Journey?

Please consider trying Morning Pages. It’s amazing what impact they can have on your life. Rather than the functionality of a bullet journal or planner these pages are probably closer to an angsty teenage diary (please tell me you had one of those too!). But they can act like therapy, allow you to process thoughts and feelings and help you with your creativity.

Has Katie persuaded you to give Morning Pages journaling a try? Or do you already practice it? Let me know in the comments!

Katie shares how she uses the Morning Pages journaling method to boost her productivity and creativity as well as a self care tool.