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by | Feb 13, 2019 | Subscription Boxes

We haven’t done a subscription box review in quite a while but finally we’ve found a new one for you! The lovely ladies at Ink Drops subscription box sent us their January box free of charge in exchange for this review but all opinions are genuine and our own.

About Ink Drops

The subscription ‘box’ we have tried this time is produced by Ink Drops; a UK based company run by Annastasia and Carla. Inkdrops was officially launched in 2012 and has since been spreading their love of the hand-written letters and receiving cute parcels in the post.

The lovely co founders of Ink Drops stationery subscription box and shop.

Ink Drops offer a monthly subscription service as well as an online shop where you can purchase individual stationery items; offering a great alternative to those who may not want to commit to a whole subscription box.

Theme & Contents

Ink Drops subscription does not technically arrive in a box as such; which they address (excuse the pun) on their website on multiple occasions. Instead, the lovely parcel we received was delivered in a large envelope, which contained beautiful purple wrapping adorned with a cute notebook themed sticker. 

In January we got to test out the great Ink Drops subscription box.

True to their aim of sharing their love for traditional letter writing, the January subscription delivered just that. Inkdrops kicked off their first stationery subscription ‘box’ of the year with the following items:

  • Pop-up message in a bottle card
  • Cats on chairs card
  • Vibe squad (puffy) stickers
  • Air balloon polaroid postcard
  • Postcard coin purse
The Ink Drops subscription box is a cute collection of stationery and gifts delivered to your door monthly. Check out our full review of the box.

Price & Shipping

The cost of this ‘box’ for UK consumers is £15.00, including postage and packaging. Naturally, for those living outside of the UK, the cost of the box reaches up to £21.50 due to the increase in shipping costs for Ink Drops. The subscription with Inkbox is ongoing, however, there is no minimum term to the subscription. 

If a subscription box is not for you, you can simply purchase single items from the ‘boxes’ on the Inkdrops store. 

Ink Drops subscription August contents

Is It Worth It?

Inkdrops definitely deliver what they say they will deliver. If quirky and cute postcards, cards and letters are your thing, this subscription is the one for you. The 3D pop up card, the aid balloon polaroid postcard and the cats on chairs card will definitely be making an appearance on my desk.

The stickers, although cute are something that I would probably not use personally, but could be great for those who like to adorn their parcels and letters.

Subscribe to a whole year of subscriptions from Ink Drops

‘Sneak a Peek’

One great feature that Ink Drops offers is their ‘sneak a peek’ page on the website so if you’d rather not have a surprise you can see exactly what’s in the box before you order. A really simple idea that not a lot of other subscription services offer.

Overall, I believe the box is worth the subscription price; especially as Inkdrops aspire to support other smaller businesses when creating their ‘boxes’ which is always a great cause.

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The Ink Drops subscription box is a cute collection of stationery and gifts delivered to your door monthly. Check out our full review of the box.


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