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I recently wrote a post for the lovely Jessica from Zig Zags and Zebras all about how using gratitude logs in my journal has changed my life. You can read the post on her fabulous blog here. But in this post we’re going to look at some interesting ways of creating a gratitude log. From simple to sophisticated. Prepare for some gratitude log inspiration.

Doodle Gratitude Log @plantsthatblossom

Rather than writing something that you’re thankful for every day why not doodle it? I love this example of a doodle gratitude log. A great way to remember things you’re thankful for as well as practicing your drawing skills.

Sunshine Gratitude Log @heartistic.jess

This is a popular gratitude log layout that puts your entries into beautiful rays of sunshine. Simple but very effective. Add some extra sunshine to your entries.

Polaroid Gratitude Log @mrs_bullets_journal42

This gratitude log has a retro feel to it and I really love the way the polaroids have been used as boxes for entries. A nice alternative to lines and a chance for you to get creative.

Minimalist Gratitude Log @mabujoork

If you love the clean simplicity of minimalism then use it in your gratitude log too! This gratitude log just looks so clean and perfect. Something else to be thankful for in the chaos of everyday life.

Cloud Gratitude Log

Similar to the polaroids this gratitude log uses clouds as spaces for entries. You could pretty much apply this method to any theme you wanted. All you have to do is leave some empty space for the entries.

Blocks Gratitude Log

A super simple format that will look very satisfying once it’s all filled in. You can challenge yourself to fill in as many blocks as possible for a month or just stick to one a day.

Lettering Gratitude Log @ellacourbet

Similar to the doodle gratitude log this design is a really good way to challenge yourself to practice your hand lettering. Another challenge is to just choose one unique word a day! I know I’d have trouble thinking of words other than ‘coffee’.

Weekly Gratitude Log

Most gratitude log set ups are monthly but that doesn’t stop you from being different and putting it into your weekly spread. Perhaps filling in a whole month of things to be grateful for is too daunting. So keep it simple and start with a week.

Doodle and Lettering Gratitude Log

Notes Gratitude Log

Another example of choosing an item you can doodle on. You can challenge yourself to draw lots of variations of similar things like these notes. Some have lines, some are ripped etc.

List Style Gratitude Log

Go back to basics and just write a simple list! This is how I often do my gratitude log. My priority is to get it set up ready for me to write my entries in so simple is better for me.

Year Long Gratitude Log

If you really want a challenge why not create a year long gratitude log! It might seem like a lot but you only need to think of a few things per month. In that way it might be easier than creating daily entries.

Botanical Gratitude Log

Tie your gratitude log in with your monthly theme. Botanical themes are extremely popular at the moment partly because plants are fairly straightforward to draw and look very cute and effective.

Diamonds Gratitude Log

I really love this simple diamond gratitude log. It’s minimalist but a bit different. You could theoretically use any shape and add doodles around to tie it in with your theme.

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Gratitude logs are a simple way to introduce an element of self care into your bullet journal. Get some gratitude log inspiration here to start creating your own.