14 Beautiful Gold Washi Tapes

by | May 24, 2019 | Washi Tape

Lots of us stationery magpies have a little obsession with hoarding washi tapes. And if we go on the magpie theme you’ll know what I mean when I say that shiny gold washi tapes are some of the most beautiful and coveted. In this post I’ve collected 14 beautiful gold washi tapes that you can use to add some elegance into your journal or crafts.

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Vintage Gold Floral Washi Tape

There’s something very vintage about this design. It reminds me of old wallpaper but it looks so chic with the hint of orange and the gorgeous gold detailing. Get it here for £1.95 from Three Little Buhos.

vintage gold floral washi tape

Gold Wave Washi

If you love the sea like I do you’ll love this double whammy of wave tapes. The gold gives them a very elegant oriental feel and a nice change from the usual blue associated with waves and the sea. Choose your favourite here for £1.95.

These gold wave washi tapes look gorgeous in a bullet journal.

MT Gold Washi Tape

MT have great quality tapes, they’re one of the best washi brands out there. I love this geometric style gold tape. Perfect for accents in your bullet journal. Get it here for £2.66.

Mt make great washi tapes including this cool gold geometric one.

Gold Foil Cat Washi Tape

Yes I’m a cat person. Of course I had to include this tape when I came across it. It’s quite delicate and not too cartoony which I find some cat stationery can be. Get it here for £4.88.

Love cats and metallics? Look no further than this cute washi tape.

Gold Coffee Stain Washi

Another of the loves of my life; coffee! I see lots of great coffee themed spreads in bullet journals and this tape is a perfect addition to add a bit of something extra with the gold foil accents. Get it here for £3.27.

Gold Foil Wave

This tape is very simple but when it’s used as a border it looks really effective. I have a very similar blue one but the gold will add an extra bit of drama to a spread. Get it here for £2.25.

Gold Foil Washi Selection

This selection of gorgeous gold washi tapes is full of new favourites. From the zodiac to the gem to the arrows. I don’t think I can choose my favourite but if you can (or you have enough to get all of them) head over here to pick. Choose one for £3.13 or get a set of five for £9.77.

Star Chart Washi Tape

I love how dramatic this wide washi tape is. It’s perfect for an astrology themed journal spread. The dark background and the gold foil makes it very striking. Get it here for £2.95.

Rainbow & Gold Waves

I love how unique this tape is. The blended rainbow colours are cool on their own but with the added gold waves it looks really interesting. Get it here for £2.25.

I love this rainbow and gold washi from Etsy.

Gold Leaves

I love leafy washi tape anyway. I have frequently had plant themes in my bullet journal spreads. Green and gold look so good together so why not marry them together in one beautiful leafy washi tape? Get it here for £2.

Botanicals and metallics, what more could you want in a washi tape?

Japanese Foil Washi Tape

This is probably my favourite washi of this whole selection. It looks so elegant and beautiful. I can imagine when it’s in a journal it will look beautiful and eye catching. I love the oriental style as well. If you do too get it here for £2.50.

This gorgeous gold foil washi tape will look stunning in a journal

Gold Roses Washi

Rose gold has been very popular recently but what about gold roses? This washi is very simple but pretty. A great simple addition to a a floral theme. Get it here for £2.

This petal outline washi tape is gorgeous in gold.

Gold Monsterra Tape

Monsterra leaves are so popular right now. For one they’re pretty easy to draw and plants and botanicals are very in. This washi tape is interesting with the pastel colours behind the leave. Get it here for £2.

Monsterra leaves in metallic on a cool washi tape.

Dotty Red and Gold

Another favourite this dotty washi is super cute and I love the gold and coral red colours together. I’d love to create a whole monthly theme inspired by this tape. If you would too get it here for £1.90.

I'm in love with this dotty gold and red washi tape!

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