The Goal Getter Masterclass


5th September 9am – 10:30am BST

Nope. 2020 so far didn’t really go as planned did it?!

Things got a bit crazy and a lot of our goals and dreams had to be put to one side while we all dealt with everything going on! You might feel like 2020 has been a write off… but I’d argue that you’d be wrong! 2020 isn’t over yet so don’t put your goals on hold a moment longer!

Tickets on sale 29th September at 9am! 

Three months is still plenty of time to make headway with some of your most important goals. Even better the crazy time we’ve had has probably helped you to reflect on the things that are really important and actually worth pursuing.  But you need an extra push in the direction of getting it done right? That’s where I come in with my Goal Getting Masterclass! 90 minutes of awesome Goal Setting Power!

This masterclass will be your catalyst to get going again. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What makes a ‘good’ goal and the questions to ask yourself when setting a new goal.
  • Why some goals fail and how to deal with ‘failure’.
  • Letting go of goals that don’t meet the good goal criteria or altering them.
  • The importance of keeping goals ‘sustainable and achievable’
  • How to craft a mega motivating mantra to keep you going.

Plus a free PDF workbook and planning printables that you can use again and again with each new goal!

Sarah is really lovely and someone I find very motivational and this led me to invest in her business as I knew she would invest in helping me. Sarah’s Goal Setting workshop was one of the best I’ve ever attended, and has helped me to find direction and prioritisation of my goals. I am currently tackling my biggest goal and making progress.

Shellie C

Creative Productive Club Member

I really enjoyed Sarah’s style, she is very approachable and natural at explaining her process. She answered all of my questions about and responded so positively to each doubt, particularly when I shared what’s been holding me back – I feel like it was the boost I needed to take those first steps!

Harriet S

Get Started with Bullet Journaling Workshop Attendee

More Information:

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is aimed at anyone who needs an extra boost with their goals whether they’re personal or business related. The workshop will teach you how to use a goals toolkit that can be applied to anything!


What’s my investment?

£25 for a 90 minute group workshop with me and a bonus PDF goals workbook that you can keep forever and use again and again to help you consistently smash your goals!

Where and when will the workshop take place?

The workshop will take place on Zoom which is a video conferencing platform. You can sign up to Zoom for free here.

I encourage you to switch your camera on so you can interact with the workshop. We’ll also be using the zoom chat feature for parts of the workshop and to give you the chance to ask questions!

What time is it and how long will it be on?

The workshop is at 9am (BST) on Saturday the 5th of September. It will be approximately 90 minutes long which will give us time to cover the content of the workshop and for questions to be answered. 

I can’t make the event live will there be a replay?

Yes! The link to the replay will be emailed the next day. 


I’m not sure I’m ready to invest – will you be running this again?

I currently don’t have any plans to repeat the workshop so if you’re keen DO IT NOW! Don’t keep your goals waiting, commit and get going so you can become the amazing person you want to be!!!

Ok I’m in – how do I book?!

Get yourself on that waiting list girl! Scroll down (or up… I put two sign up forms on this page to make them easy to find!)


I have a question you haven’t answered!

Click here to email me your question and I’ll get back to you or DM me on Instagram.