February Bullet Journal Set Up

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Bullet Journaling, Plan with Me

So this ‘February Bullet Journal set up’ is a new type of post for me. Usually I keep my personal Bullet Journal completely separate from my blog, but I’ve recently decided that I want to inject a little more of my own personality into my website. So what better way to do that than by sharing my own bullet journal?

It isn’t the most perfect but of course that’s a good thing to show to others. I’m definitely no Amanda Rach Lee but I have been bullet journaling for over 2 years so I have a pretty good handle on what I’m doing.

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My February bullet journal set up is NOT stereotypical for February. Most of what I’m seeing on Instagram and on Facebook are hearts, pink, red, flowers. No. I’m not a big fan of that stuff anyway plus I’m newly single. No thank you Saint Valentine. Instead I chose the theme of…


My February bullet journal theme ended up being brown! It might not be the most exciting but I love how it turned out.


Yes. I’m a big fan of neutrals and I was inspired by a few brown themed bullet journals I’d seen on Pinterest.


To be honest of the main reasons I chose brown as my theme was because I went and bought myself a beautiful cappuccino coloured Tombow Dual Brush Pen. Because Tombows are so expensive I’ll often do this where I buy a colour ready for the next month. It means I know I’ll use it and it often inspires my theme.

A selection of my tools I used when setting up my February Bullet Journal.

I also used a few bits of ripped brown paper. I made sure to stick down the shinier side using glue tape so that the more papery side was facing up. Glue roller tape is such a great tool for sticking things into your journal. It means it all lies really flat and if you do accidentally get some on the page you can rub it off fairly easily.

Cover Page

My cover page for my February bullet journal set up.

For my February cover page I challenged myself and practice my brush lettering. I’ve only really recently got the hang of brush lettering with my Tombows so it’s still a learning curve and I’m practicing. But for this attempt I decided to try adding outlines and shadows. I really like how it turned out as I don’t usually spend so much time on my cover pages. I also added a little accent of some ripped brown paper. You’ll see a lot more of that throughout the month.

February Monthly Spread

My monthly spread in my February bullet journal set up.

I’ve used this monthly layout throughout this journal. I used to use a more calendar style spread but I decided to have a change and use the list view with a bit more space for other notes and sections. The only thing I changed for this month was putting the log itself in the middle of my journal. On one side of the log I put my personal stuff and on the other I write down more blog related stuff, a good way to separate the two.

Extra Pages

I often dedicate around 4 pages a month for gratitude, brain dump, spending and a mood tracker. However this month I decided to cut it to two. To be honest I always fall behind with my mood tracker and my spending log so I just decided to cut them for February and focus on the pages I know I will use. I think sometimes we can make life too complicated for ourselves and try to keep up with too many spreads.

I use a brain dump and a gratitude log every month as extra pages in my journal just after my monthly spread. This one is from my February bullet journal set up.

Remember to just keep it simple. If it isn’t actually making life easier for you maybe it’s not worth your time.

Weekly Spreads

My first weekly spread in my February bullet journal set up.

I keep my weekly spreads the exact same every week. I do believe mixing it up sometimes is good but I’ve found that this layout just really works well for me.

Brown paper used in my February bullet journal including on this weekly.

My habit trackers are also always on my weekly spread rather than a monthly version. I prefer this because I often find that the habits I want to track might change and I find filling in a weekly tracker a bit less daunting than a whole month.

I tried to use brown paper in my February bullet journal theme like with this heading.

I tried out a few different lettering techniques for both the week title and the weekdays using some different pens including my Pentel Touch brush pen.

February to March crossover weekly spread! Sometimes it's hard to know how to structure weeks that cut across months so I tend to just put it on the monthly that has the most amount of days on that week.

What theme have you chosen for your February Bullet Journal set up? Let me know!

My February bullet journal set up was all themed around the colour brown! It might not be the most exciting colour but I do love neutrals. It also gave me the chance to have a go using brown paper to stick into my bullet journal! Check out my spreads and what tools I used in this blog post.