When I found bullet journaling one of the first things I realised was the opportunity it gave me to buy all sorts of pens! Yes that’s right I’m a pen hoarder. I went a bit crazy at the beginning with huge packs of fineliners but now I’ve refined my palette and have a select few pens that I always keep in my pencil case ready for using in my bullet journal that I’m going to share with you in this post.

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Stabilo Point 88 Fineliners

These are my favourite fineliners. They come in a huge variety of colours and for me they are the most durable. They were the first pens I used in my journal and I highly recommend them for beginners who are just starting out and want to experiment with lots of colour.

Stabilo fineliners were the first pens I used in my bullet journal. They have a great range of colours available

This set of 20 is my favourite pack for beginners. You can get lots of really vibrant colours in a case to keep them in. Get it from Amazon here.

Staedtler Pigment Liners

Basic fineliners are great for starting out but when you want to get serious you need a good quality black fineliner that won’t fade. These artist quality pigment liners are my favourite. You can get them in a set with a variety of sizes and it won’t break the bank. They last a lot longer than basic fineliners and look a lot better. Get this starter set with different thicknesses here.

I couldn't do without my pigment liners for my journal.

Mild Highlighters

The most popular mild or pastel highlighters in the studygram and bullet journal world are definitely Zebra Mildliners. While I love them they can actually sometimes be a bit too pigmented for me. I really like the faded pastel look. The first mild highlighters I started with were an unknown Japanese brand I got when I was in Thailand and they were great. Sadly I’ve been unable to find them online but I do definitely recommend the Zebra Mildliners. Get them from Amazon here or check out my blog post that compares more pastel highlighters.

Mildliners are a really popular choice for bullet journalists and students.

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Pricey but worth it. Tombow Dual Brush Pens are popular for a reason. They are really good. They have such a great variety of colours and they are really good quality. Rather than splurge on the full set all at once (which you definitely could do if you have the means!) I like to buy one at a time ready to use in my next months spreads. My current favourite shades are a lovely pale green (192 Asparagus) and a gorgeous beige (992 Sand) that I used in my February set up. Check out the whole range where you can choose your favourite shades here on Amazon.

Tombow brush pens are a bullet journal staple.

Papermate Ink Joy Gel Pen

It took me a while to fall for this pen. There was a lot of hype around them and initially I wasn’t really sold. However after one of my old faithful black gel pens failed me I turned back to this pen and I actually really like it now. It’s probably partly my fault that I got the 0.7 when I generally prefer finer lines but it writes so smoothly and the ink is super pigmented I can’t do without it now. Next time I’m definitely going to order a finer point! Get it here.

Read my post about my favourite Black Pens for Bullet Journaling.

Do you use an Ink Joy Gel pen in your bullet journal like me? Find out what the rest of my favourite pens are in my blog post.

Muji 0.5 Black Gel Pen

Another cult favourite are Muji Gel pens. I love my Muji pens (I have a 0.5 and a 0.7) but they can be prone to railroading (when there is a thin line of no ink in the middle of the writing) and skipping. Despite that they still are one of my favourites to use in my journal, they dry fast and they are really thin so produce a really neat result. Get them here from Amazon or from Kawaii Pen Shop using your discount code MAGPIE10!

My muji pens are one of my bullet journal staples.

Bonus: Palomino Blackwing Pencil

Yes I know the post is about pens but I couldn’t resist mentioning my favourite pencil! I don’t always pencil things out first but I often sketch faint guidelines for my spreads in my bullet journal. My Palomino Blackwing pencils are soft enough that they’re easy to rub out after. Often overlooked, a good pencil is a great tool for any bullet journal. Get a set of the 3 core collection here from Etsy.

Palomino Blackwing pencils are my favourite pencils to use in my bullet journal.

What are your favourite bullet journaling pens? Let me know in the comments!

To create your perfect bullet journal you're going to need some pretty great pens. Here are my favourite bullet journaling pens that I always have in my toolkit.
To create your perfect bullet journal you're going to need some pretty great pens. Here are my favourite bullet journaling pens that I always have in my toolkit.