Season 2 of the Creative Productive Podcast out now!

Hi! I’m Sarah aka Stationery Magpie.

I’m a creativity and productivity mentor who is passionate about helping you gain control over your life through effective realistic productivity methods so that you have the time energy and space to explore the things you love that light you up and make life worth living!


Episode 8 of the Creative Productive Podcast is with Laura Corillon aka Dwaalmaker a potter from South Africa currently living in Liverpool. I met Laura on an online course and after I messaged her on Instagram we became firm friends. She’s a wonderful creative person and so many amazing insights and things to talk about on the topics of creativity and productivity from that love hate relationship you have with your craft, finding a community of creatives with the same passion who you can learn from, that glowy feeling you get when you buy from a small business to finding your style of productivity. 

Follow Laura’s wonderfully soothing Instagram here and check out what’s in her Etsy shop and get your hands on some beautiful handmade pottery.