Here it is the second episode and the first ever interview on the Creative Productive Podcast with Milly Withers from Blink Lettering.

Milly is a calligrapher, blogger, lettering teacher and a graphic designer by day – the perfect choice for the first interview since she has to use her creativity and productivity pretty much all the time!

We discussed pretty much everything relating to creativity and productivity including DIY-ing your wedding, the experience of going to an arts university, feeling like you’ve found your creative ‘thing’, the importance of being yourself online and staying true to what you want as well as much much more. Which I hope will inspire you to start making time for the thing that you love doing, who knows it might even be calligraphy! In which case make sure you check Blink Lettering out! 

You can follow Milly on Instagram at @blinklettering and make sure you visit her website which is where you can find her workbooks, youtube channel and gorgeous Etsy shop

Listen to the episode: