Hello everyone and welcome to a solo episode that’s a little more personal than what I’d usually share! I wanted to share a little more about my own journey to finding more creativity and productivity and the impact it’s had on me and my life. 

There’s a lot in this episode and I hope that some of it will inspire you but essentially I tell you how I realised I was stuck in a rut, the big life change that got me back to working on myself and how I reconnected to who I waned to be through harnessing my productivity and exploring my creativity. 

And if you want my help to get started on your own journey to a more creative productive life I’m offering some free 1:1 mentoring calls to help you with your planning and productivity especially for Galentines Day! Applications for calls open on February 13th at 10am. You can get more information about it here.

Listen to the episode: