Season 2 of the Creative Productive Podcast out now!

Hi! I’m Sarah aka Stationery Magpie.

I’m a creativity and productivity mentor who is passionate about helping you gain control over your life through effective realistic productivity methods so that you have the time energy and space to explore the things you love that light you up and make life worth living!


Thanks so much for joining me for the first ever episode of the Creative Productive Podcast. an introduction to me – your host – and the story of Stationery Magpie.

In this episode I give you five interesting facts about me so you can get to know me better and tell you how the Stationery Magpie website and brand first came to be. Whether you follow me already or are brand new I hope you find the story interesting and are excited to join me for this series where I’ll be exploring how we can harness our creativity and productivity to make amazing things happen with some special guests and some solo episodes exploring some creative productive ideas in depth.

To read more about the journey of Stationery Magpie so far read my 3 Years of Stationery Magpie Blog post and you can have a nosey at my website including my about me page. 

Listen to the Episode: