How to Effectively Use Washi Tape in Your Bullet Journal

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Bullet Journals, Washi Tape

If you’re anything like me (and you probably are if you’re reading this) then you love to hoard pretty little rolls of washi tape either to use in your journal or just to collect and look at like a naughty little stationery magpie. But it’s one thing to collect it all up and covet it. Sometimes it can be a little daunting actually getting around to using it in your journal, especially if you have an extensive collection of the stuff. So to help you actually start getting some use out of it in this blog post I’m going to give you my best pieces of advice to effectively use washi tape in your bullet journal.

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1. Choose a Small Sample

It can be easy to get carried away with washi tape but my best advice for using it and getting a good effect is to use a small sample. Don’t rush to use 5 different rolls of tape with different patterns. The washi tape isn’t the main focus of your journal, the content is. So choose about max 3 rolls that look good together. My advice is one main pattern and two fairly simple patterns that will complement the main pattern. Or my best tip is to just choose one and take note of my next piece of advice.

2. Use It to Inspire a Theme

Some washi tapes are incredibly beautiful and artistic. I mean that’s probably why you bought it in the first place! If like me you sometimes struggle to think up a monthly theme why not use your washi tape as inspiration. That means that you can also use the tape in your themed pages and it will fit and match seamlessly.

I often use my washi tape collection to inspire my monthly themes in my bullet journal just like this super cute cat washi that inspired my October theme.

3. Use It To Fill in Empty Space

You’re not always going to fill in every little blank space in your journal set ups and that’s perfectly ok. Sometimes a little bit of open white space is nice but if you want to fill up a few spaces to add a bit more interest then putting little washi accents is a great idea. I love how lots of people layer complementing washi tapes as accents like @juliajournals.

4. Use It To Stick Things in

It sounds really stupid to say but tape is used to stick things in guys! It doesn’t just have to be for decoration. This is especially useful for printable pages that you can put in your journal (check out my resource library for some free printables!). You can also of course use them to give a really cool scrapbook vibe to your journal.

5. Adapt It into Stickers

Just because a roll of washi tape is long and tape like doesn’t mean you have to use it like that. Lots of washi tape has little doodles on it that can be cut into smaller little sticker pieces. Take this flamingo/cadillac/cactus that I received in a Papergang subscription box. I could easily cut out those individual drawings and use those as decoration instead. With patterned washi tape you can also cut the pieces into small squares that look like stickers.

6. Use It to Cover up Mistakes

Mistakes in your bullet journal are pretty much inevitable but you can embrace them or even just cover them up! I especially love wide washi tapes with interesting patterns for this as they look more like a feature than a sneaky cover up. I’ve used this in more than just my bullet journal to tidy things up and of course add a little interest to a page as a bonus!

What do you think are some good ways to effectively use washi tape in a bullet journal?
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It's fun to hoard washi tapebut it can be a daunting getting around to using it in your journal. So here are my best pieces of advice to effectively use washi tape in your bullet journal.