You might be one of those productive bullet journalists that doesn’t have a monthly theme but having a monthly theme is a great way to get really creative and spend more time on your journal. For me the more time I spend on my journal the more I use it. It feeds into the whole relationship between productivity and creativity that my blog is all about. In my opinion if we use our creativity as a productivity tool magical things can happen to how much you get done!

With that in mind it can be hard to figure out exactly how to be creative. Especially if you’re not naturally artistic or you haven’t flexed your creative muscles in a while. I’ve talked before about different styles of bullet journaling and how they suit different people but a really easy way to introduce some creativity into your journal is by choosing a monthly theme. But if you’re having a hard time choosing something then read on for some advice on picking out the best monthly theme for you.

Choose Something that Represents the month

This is probably the most obvious way to pick a bullet journal theme and it’s sometimes a little predictable for me personally. I often tend to fight against the norm – I chose a flamingo theme for December a few years back! Even so if you aren’t determined to needlessly rebel like me it is a very easy way to choose a theme. You can find inspiration from a quick Pinterest search for example ‘December Bullet Journal Theme’ and get a whole load of results and inspiration from other journalists.

Another way is to have a quick brainstorm of things you associate with each month. For example: April… showers! There, you have a theme.

An easy way to choose a bullet journal theme is to pick something associated with the month - for example April showers!

Get Inspired by Other Bullet Journalists

Inspiration doesn’t come from a vacuum and there are so many incredible Bullet Journalists out there that create some really cool monthly themes. Many Bullet Journalists don’t mind at all if you copy their design as long as you credit them if you post a picture. Every month I see hundreds of recreations from youtube vloggers like amandarachlee and its really interesting to see how each person puts their own personal spin on the theme. If you want more inspiraiton check out this post on the Best Bullet Journal Vloggers who post monthly ‘Plan with Me’ videos that can inspire you.

Choose Something that you can draw

It sounds obvious but the themes that I’ve found the easiest to keep up with are based on things that I can draw! If you’re artistically challenged choose something really simple like plants, cactii or a basic flower like a daisy that you can easily draw again and again. Voila! You have a monthly theme. Geometric shapes are also a great choice and can look really effective. I like to try and fill up empty spaces in my Bullet Journal with things like tiny triangles and it can be quite a therapeutic practice.

If you have an idea of something you’d like to draw its very easy to find basic doodle tutorials for that object. Take a look at my Doodle Tutorials Pinterest Board for easy instructions to draw a variety of objects.

By picking something that you find easy to draw it's a lot easier to create a consistent theme in your bullet journal.

Pick Something You Love

Some of the most interesting and creative themes I’ve seen are based on something that the creator is a little bit obsessed with. I’ve seen themes based on TV shows, characters, films literally anything. The great thing is that because you know everything about that interest you can now pour it all out into your journal and demonstrate your obsession! If you’re passionate about it you’ll want to spend time on making it look awesome. Think of something that you love and whack it into a Pinterest search with the following ‘Bullet Journal theme …’.

Take Inspiration from an Object

To date I think my absolute favourite theme I’ve ever done was a geometric pattern inspired by my pencil case! It seems so simple but there’s so much amazing inspiration in our day to day life . I’ve also used an Ikea cushion as inspiration for a theme! Choose something with a pattern you like and use it either as a colour palette or as a theme using similar shapes or images.

easy bujo themes take inspiration from an object

Stick to a Basic Colour Palette

If you’re still not sure about what to use as your monthly theme why not just go for a colour palette? This is a great option if time is scarce as you don’t need to spend too much time drawing or planning out the whole design. If you want some advice on choosing the perfect colour palette check out my blog post that I wrote for Elizabeth Journals How to Choose a Colour Palette for your Bullet Journal. which will walk you through some easy steps to creating your perfect colour palette.

Do you have any methods for picking an easy Bullet Journal theme?

If you want to start getting creative in your Bullet Journal why not use a theme? In this blog post I show you how to choose an easy Bullet Journal theme.