Dutch Doors in Your Bullet Journal: Ultimate Guide

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Bullet Journaling

In my newest journal I’ve given myself the challenge of trying out some new and interesting techniques to mix things up a bit. One of those is the ‘dutch door’ phenomenon. If you’ve never tried making dutch doors in your bullet journal this is the guide for you. Read on to find out how to use dutch doors in your bullet journal.

In my newest bullet journal I've challenged myself to use a dutch door every month to push myself to be a bit more creative. Find out how to create your own in this blog post!

What is a Dutch Door?

A dutch door is quite simply a page in your journal that’s had a bit cut off so it’s smaller or a different shape. The term ‘dutch door’ actually comes from real dutch doors which are just like stable doors which are split meaning you could open the top or the bottom of the door separately. I’m not sure who first came up with this idea but as with anything in the bullet journal community people have taken the idea and run with it!

What’s the Point of a Dutch Door?

You definitely don’t need to add a dutch door in your bullet journal but it is a fun way to mix up your layouts. I’ve really enjoyed setting myself the challenge of using a different style of dutch door every month in my monthly layouts. But what are the actual benefits of using them?

I wanted to use both a calendar and a log in my May monthly log so to create space for it I made a dutch door for my bullet journal spread.

Add Space

It might sound a bit weird that cutting out a bit of your journal adds space but it does add more space to your actual layouts. If you’re struggling to fit a weekly spread on two pages add space by making the days with dutch doors so you can flick through them and still see all of your weekly goals and tasks on the sides of the page!

Save Time

If you have to draw less of your spread then it follows that it’s going to save you time to have a dutch door. It might take longer if you’re going to draw a really complex design but once you get the hang of dutch door layouts it can save time.

My May dutch door combined a calendar style monthly and gave me space to add in a log for my blog calendar.


You can also simply use a dutch door to add a bit of creativity and fun in your journal! My July dutch door has no other purpose than to tie in with my theme. I mean it’s just half an avocado! But it looks cool and it was really satisfying to create. [picture coming soon follow my Instagram to see the beautiful avocado first!]

Step by Step Guide to a Simple Vertical Dutch Doors in Your Bullet Journal

The first way I tried making a dutch door and the simplest way to start with a dutch door is just by cutting off exactly half the page vertically. My favourite way to use this design is for a double sided monthly log. It’s a really simple way to separate work and personal events and this is how you do it. You will need:

  • A pencil
  • a ruler
  • A good pair of sharp scissors or a craft knife and mat
Learn how to create a simple dutch door layout in your bullet journal to add an extra log to your monthly spread.

Step One: sketch out the layout with a pencil to make sure you’re going to cut the right page. You can use the pencil to scribble where the cut will take off the rest of the page and just make a note on each page of what will go where. Once you cut you can’t go back so make sure you’re happy!

Step Two: Cut (!) half of the page off in a straight line. Take your time and use a good sharp pair of scissors to make a clean cut. I also like to carefully round off the corners so that the edges don’t catch and fold and so that I don’t get paper cuts! If you’re using a craft knife then make sure you have a mat right under the page you want to cut.

Step Three: Draw out the layout! Use the piece of paper you’ve just cut off underneath the dutch door to catch any pen so that you don’t mark the page underneath.

How to Create More Dutch Doors in your Bullet Journal

The vertical dutch door is the most simple but of course there are a lot more ways you can create a dutch door. For horizontal dutch doors or if you don’t want the dutch door to be the whole vertical length of the page then leave a little tab so that you don’t have to cut too close to the binding. Then use some glue roller tape to stick the tab down neatly.

This dutch door doesn't reach the whole length of the spread. Check out my top tip for securing these kinds of dutch doors and finishing them off tidily.

For decorative dutch doors sketch the design and cut a little outside of the line. It can also be a good idea to draw the design before cutting it out.

Get some more dutch door inspiration by checking out my Pinterest board full of dutch door ideas.

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Dutch doors are a really cool thing ot add to your journal. If you've never tried making dutch doors in your bullet journal this is the guide for you! I tell you all about what dutch doors are used for and give you a quick tutorial on how to create your own!
Dutch doors are a really cool thing ot add to your journal. If you've never tried making dutch doors in your bullet journal this is the guide for you! I tell you all about dutch doors and walk you through creating a really simple dutch door layout.

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