A Guide to Different Bullet Journal Styles

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Bullet Journaling

If you’re just getting started with bullet journaling then you might feel a little overwhelmed with the sheer variety of bullet journal styles out there. The basic system has developed in big way so in this post I’m going to help you out by talking your through all of the main styles of bullet journaling which might help you figure out your own style.

Basic Original Bullet Journaling

This style of bullet journaling is the most basic and is how the creator Ryder Carol uses his own bullet journal. It’s a great way to start using the bullet journal for its primary goal: productivity. You can watch the introduction video to get an idea of how it works at its most basic.

Minimal Bullet Journals

Minimal bullet journaling is a little more than just basic logging you might create spreads with calendars and habit trackers but the colours are kept to a minimum. Often only black or maybe just one accent colour are used. This is a great place for lots of beginners to start. Often people choose very subtle colours to just add soft accents. They look very clean and easy to use as well as being fast to set up.

Minimalism is a really popular bullet journaling style. You can still add colour but the focus is on the productivity elements.
Credit: @slowbujo

Doodle Style Bullet Journals

Doodle style is basically minimal bullet journals with some added drawings or doodles using a colour palette that might be based on a monthly theme. I feel like this is the most common bullet journal style and it’s the style that I use. Everything in my bullet journal is still focussed on productivity but a little fun is injected with monthly themes or matched colour schemes. It takes a bit more time to set up but for me the more effort I put into my journal the more I use it.

When you're ready to start getting a bit more creative in your bullet journal you can incorporate monthly themes and doodles in your journal.

Artistic Bullet Journals

Although they’re similar I split up the ‘doodler’ style and the artistic style because I think the artistic bullet journalists employ a bit extra in the way of materials that they use in their journal. Artistic journalists often use watercolours or other mediums and the design is very important in their bullet journal set up. Everything in the journal is designed around a monthly consistent theme.

Some bullet journals are ridiculously beautiful and artistic. They requires a lot of effort to create but the results are beautiful.
Credit: @thebujobuzz

Scrapbook Style Bullet Journals

Scrapbook style bullet journals use some productivity methods but their main use is to act as a creative outlet for their owner. Maybe they have whole pages dedicated to something like a favourite band member that use photos, washi, stickers and some lettering to create a beautiful scrapbook style page. I love to look at scrapbook pages and I’d love to have the time and the confidence to create my own but at the moment I’m going to enjoy what I see on Instagram. In February I had a go at using some kraft paper to add a bit more of a scrapbook element to my journal. I loved the results but I haven’t yet tried it again!

So which of these different bullet journal styles do you feel describes your style? Perhaps like me you’ve had a go at more than one which is a great way to find your own personal unique style of journaling. Experimenting with new styles and techniques is always a great practice. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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