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by | Nov 30, 2017 | Accessories

Paperclips might not be at the top of your stationery list, especially when there are so many amazing pens and journals out there. You might be wondering, why bother with paperclips? But there are so many awesome designs out there. Why wouldn’t you want to jazz things up with some awesome designs? In this article we’ve picked out some of the coolest design paperclips for everyone under the sun (well, almost).

Paperclips for Animal Lovers

Midori have an incredible selection of paperclips but they really outdo themselves with the amount of animals they have. Elephant, squirrel, dog, cat, tortoise, horse, the list goes on! It really does feel like they have a paperclip for every animal out there.

cool paperclips

Midori’s range of awesome animal paperclips can be found here.

For Music Lovers

Perfect for a music lover who might have lots of sheet music lying around, these awesome music themed paperclips are sure to help them get organised.

design paperclips

Get the guitar paperclips from Amazon here and the music notes here.


For Travellers

For the avid traveller in your social circle these gold plane paperclips are perfect for them organising their travel documents.

stationery travellers

Get them from Amazon here.

For Cyclists

You have to admit that these bike paperclips are pretty awesome! Even if you’re not an avid cyclist they are pretty damn cute.

stationery cyclists

Get them here from Amazon for £4.95.

For Dentists

Well there are paperclips for everyone!


Get these funky paperclips from Amazon here.

For Christmas

And finally, who doesn’t love Christmas?! Well these are the perfect paperclips for you to get organised during the festive season.

christmas paperclips

Get them here from Amazon for only 34p!

Which paperclips would you choose?

So which paperclips do you like? Or what would you like to see as a paperclip? Let us know in the comments, you never know it might already exist!





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