It’s just a sad fact of our modern life that some of us just don’t have enough time in the day to bullet journal as much as we’d like! I know all too well that sudden realisation that it’s a new month the next day and I haven’t sketched out any of my spreads!!! It can be a little stressful and for some people takes away the joy of bullet journaling. But there is a solution: the custom pre-made bullet journal.

Although some people might argue that the whole point of bullet journaling is to create it yourself, in my opinion if a premade journal is going to work better just do it. At the end of the day Bullet Journaling is personal and if having a pre-drawn bullet journal will help you on your road to becoming more creative and productive then thats perfectly acceptable.

Luckily, there are a few talented people with the time and creativity to create your perfect custom bullet journal. In this blog post I’ve found five of the best so if you’re looking for a handmade pre made custom bullet journal you can find the perfect one in this post.

Jihi Elephant

Elizabeth, of Jihi Elephant, was the first bullet journal ‘creator’ I came across on Instagram and probably the whole reason I’m writing this post! I would have had no idea about this service if it wasn’t for her. She creates absolutely loads of beautiful simple functional journals and you can choose from set templates. Her specific style features clean design and use of one core colour throughout the journal to give it a clean consistent style. 

Jihi Elephant is one of the most popular bullet journal artists who creates tonnes of custom bullet journals.

She can also produce some beautiful illustrations and doodles. Like any good creator making something so personal for someone else she speaks to you about the design and what you need from her. Check out all the customisation options and order your own here.

Grandezzas Journal

Grandezza has over 10k instagram followers on her bullet journal account and it’s easy to see why. Her designs are gorgeous and lucky for us she has her own Etsy shop where she sells custom designed stickers and Bullet Journals! This is definitely a more artistic option and Grandezza admits she is a perfectionist so you know you’re going to get a great finished product.

Grandezza has a beautiful journaling style and if you're having trouble creating your own why not have her create one for you!

You can even show her spreads that you want her to take into account as inspiration and she will try to recreate the style you want. Have a look at the options and get in contact with her to order your own here

Pen Over Sword

I absolutely love the aesthetic of these journals. Minimalist but also very artistic. Shelby the artist is incredible talented and she will work very closely with you to create your perfect journal. You have control over everything including the notebook for your journal. 

Pen over sword has a gorgeous bullet journal style. If you want to save time you can have a custom bullet journal designed by the artist.

She also creates custom artwork including modern family crests! You should definitely check out the rest of her Etsy shop to see just how talented she is. Prices start at £60 and you should get in touch with her to find out more

Little Bear Creations

This style of bullet journaling is probably the closest to my own. The style of these journals is feminine and pretty just like the lavender spread below. The artist, Mads, wants to help women be as productive as they possibly can and she believes that having a great planner can help. If you like this style and agree with her ethos check out her custom bullet journal options here.

LBC paperie creates pretty

Small Drops of Sun Co

Small drops of sun is run by Ambrielle. She actually offers 3 options. A standard grid style bullet journal OR you can have fun and go for either a Disney or Harry Potter themed journal! Each bullet journal is made to order and although Ambrielle has standard grids they can be customised to suit your needs! Have a look at the grid, Disney and Harry Potter themed journals!

Small Drops of Sun Co has a really cute custom bullet journal style including custom options for Disney or Harry Potter themed journals!

Journal Studios

These journals are beautifully artistic just take a look at the pictures! They are designed around the customer so you can be sure to get something that will reflect you as a person. If you want an artsy journal that’s going to reflect you as an individual then this is the choice for you. Take a closer look here.

Journal Studios has a  super artistic approach to creating journals.

Have you ordered a custom bullet journal from someone else? Let me know your experience!

If you want a hand drawn custom bullet journal then look no further. This is my list of the best bullet journal artists who can create your dream bullet journal for you!
If you want a hand drawn custom bullet journal then look no further. This is my list of the best bullet journal artists who can create your dream bullet journal for you!