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Journaling Journeys is back for 2021! After a bit of a burnout and a break I’m so happy to be back sharing even more experiences of some wonderful creative productive people who use their journals in amazing ways! You can read the rest of the Journaling Journeys posts here. But today I’m so happy to welcome Daisy from MyGreenCow a friend and creative blogger who was very kind to take time out of her very busy schedule to tell us more about her unique style of creative scrapbook journaling! Daisy’s scrapbook style of creative journaling blows my mind and I’m so in love with the creative way she records her memories using her creativity. Read on to find out more and see some of her beautiful work.

About Daisy

Daisy from MyGreenCow and her creative journals

I’m Daisy (Hi!), a creative blogger from the UK. I have a love for all things crafty, and MyGreenCow is where I share everything from my current stationery favourites, to process videos on my creative scrapbook journaling pages. I’m always up for giving any arty/crafty hobbies a go, and often talk about them on my social media platforms. I get to work alongside some of my favourite stationery & craft brands regularly, to create content using their products.

I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the the creative community, and have met so many brilliantly talented people along the way! I have a Patreon where I create & share exclusive monthly content for other creatives to use in their projects. Since going full time with MyGreenCow, I’ve been able to open my online shop and create products using my own artwork & crafty skills. Having a shop is something I enjoy a lot, putting together little packages of happy mail for people is such a therapeutic process for me.

What kind of journal do you currently use?

I primarily use a standard size travelers notebook for my creative journal. I used to use the smaller personal sized TN, but went back to the standard size as it’s definitely a favourite. In the past I have used just a generic lined notebook as my journal. But I always seem to be drawn back to the TN, I think it’s just such a convenient size and there isn’t TOO much space to fill. (I’m one of these people who can get overwhelmed by the sight of a big blank page!) I do also have an art journal and a Smash Book that I add to every now and then. The art journal is pretty much just full of collages and arty experiments, and the Smash Book has more of a junk journal vibe to it. But for photos I stick to keeping those in my creative journals.

creative scrapbooking style of journaling

How did you begin your journaling journey?

I actually began my journaling journey with Smashbooking. I had a notebook where I’d scribble things down very inconsistently, but the creative side of journaling happened in my Smash Books. I did sometimes include photos in these too until I came across the world of TNs! YouTube was where I found most of the journaling inspiration for my own journals. I was already a part of the planning community so it didn’t take long for me to find the crazy world of journaling that goes alongside it. It all snowballed when I started my YouTube channel sharing process videos of my creative scrapbook journaling pages!

What areas of your life has journaling had the biggest impact on?

I’ve always loved creating collages, but I never really had anywhere to express that love. I created a collage piece for my GCSE art exam (which I still have, and LOVE), but after school I pursued photography instead of art. It meant that I had found this thing I loved doing, but didn’t know how to grow it, so it sat on the back burner for years. My creative journaling has allowed me to grow that skill to what it is today, and the therapeutic process of just sticking lots of colourful papers & other elements together on a page, to document my life, is so fun to me.

Daisy MyGreenCow shares a page of her creative scrapbook journal

Were you surprised by anything when you started Journaling? How did your journaling process change or develop?

Honestly, the main thing that surprised me was just how many different types of journaling there were out there. When you talk about journaling, most people (who aren’t in the creative online community in any way) would likely just imagine someone writing about their day in a notebook. But realising I’m able to document my life in a more visual way is something I’ll be forever grateful to have found. Where my journals began, compared to where my journals are now, is very different. I started out in a notebook adding little doodles and mementos from a day out. Now, I will focus most of my pages around a photo. I’ve developed more of a process & skill when putting a page together, but it’s still immensely fun & not highly structured.

creative travelers notebook journal

What advice do you have for someone wanting to start a journal? 

It can be overwhelming to begin with, and I’m almost 99% sure you will try many different styles of journals until you find one that suits you the best. But that’s all part of the fun! Find some journaling groups on facebook, or follow some journalers on instagram, and you’ll definitely find your way with it. Also remember that not every page will be perfect, and that’s okay.

Anything else you want to say about your Journaling Journey?

The definition of journaling is to do with writing. I have never been a writer & I struggle to read lengthy pages of writing. (I take my hat off to people who can write pages and pages about their life in a journal without any pictures or colour!) BUT I’ve always loved the personal sort of history that people leave behind. Like old letters and postcards. I want to be able to leave my mark behind in the form of journals, so I’ve just figured out a way to do it that’s enjoyable for me. The act of ‘journaling’ has so many branches coming off of it! You just need to find something that works for you.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to try some really creative scrapbook now that you’ve seen Daisy’s amazing work! Make sure you’re following her on Instagram to see the day to day of her creative life, her YouTube channel is where she posts vlogs, videos of her creating her amazing work and her favourite craft supplies and for everything else including her blog you can go to her website

Want to share your own Journaling Journey?

Whatever style of journaling you do I’d love to hear more about it helps you to live a more creative, productive fulfilled life! If you’re interested in sharing your own experience and contributing to the Journaling Journeys series you can read the submission guidelines here or send me an email to pitch your idea.