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It’s nearly the most wonderful time of the year! Or should that be the most stressful?! Depending on your lifestyle Christmas can easily be a very hectic time so it’s the perfect time to use your planner to get yourself organised. One way to speed up your planning is to use stickers so today I’ve picked out my favourite Christmas planner stickers from Etsy.

For the past few years I’ve also written blog posts on Christmas Washi Tape so if you’re looking for some more ways to festively decorate your planner check those out here and here.

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Christmas Countdown Planner Stickers

Let’s start with the exciting Christmas countdown! This elegant hand lettered sticker is on transparent backing so will fit seamlessly into your planner. Get them here for £3.84.

A great way to get organised for Christmas is with these countdown planner stickers.

Winter Animals Decorative Stickers

Because December can get quite busy decoration might not be at the top of your list! So to save time and add some nice flourishes to your journal why not get some decorative festive stickers. You can also use these to decorate gifts, cards and pretty much anything you can think of to add some Christmas flair. Get them here for only £2!

Love these winter animal decorative stickers from Etsy.

Foil Christmas Icon Stickers

These little foil stickers are super cute and available in loads of different colour foil options! In cute doodle styles they’re great for kids too and another fabulous way to decorate cards and gifts not just journals. Get them starting at £2.95.

These foil Christmas stickers are super cute for a planner.

Christmas To Do Stickers

The top rated stickers on this list are these Christmas checklist stickers. Pretty much all of your Christmas tasks are on these sheets are there to make sure you have a perfect Christmas. One of the great things about this sticker sheet is it literally creates your to do list for you! All you have to do is stick them into an order! Get these bestsellers here for £4.03.

These Christmas planner stickers will definitely help you to get all of your Christmas planning done!

Christmas Film Tracker Stickers

If like Emma Farley, who recently wrote me a blog post on her Christmas bullet journal pages, you have to fit in a tracker to make sure you catch all of the Christmas films then this is the sticker sheet for you! Make sure you tick all 12 of these top Christmas films off your list to get into the festive mood. Get them here for £2.02.

Christmas is the best time to chill out and watch some movies. Make sure you catch all the Christmas movies with these tracker stickers.

Winter Days Decorative Stickers

For me winter = cosy. These stickers show just that. Baking Christmas treats, snuggling up in big jumpers, drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book. This decorative sticker sheet definitely captures my style of Christmas! Get them here for £2.24.

Cosy beautiful winter planning stickers.

Christmas Lights Decorative Stickers

A super simple but super effective way to decorate your December Bullet Journal pages are these Christmas light stickers! I really love the effect of these decorative stickers and they don’t look overly cheesy and Christmassy, they give a simple subtle festive touch to any planner spread. Get them here starting at £1.99.

I love these Christmas lights planner stickers.

Christmas Tree Countdown Stickers

Another Christmas countdown set! This set have a cute little Christmas tree to help you get excited for the big day! Counting down the days is not only a great way to get excited but also to check how much time you have left to execute your Christmas to do list! Get them here for £2.17.

Countdown to Christmas with these cute Christmas tree stickers!

Have you ever bought Christmas Planner Stickers? Were they helpful?

Let me know in the comments!

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Christmas can be a hectic time so speed up your planning and get excited with these Christmas Planner Stickers available on Etsy.


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