Last month I released my first Skillshare class that teaches you to create basic hand lettering. I created it in response to the overwhelming feeling that a lot of people feel intimidated by the creativity aspect when starting a Bullet Journal. Skillshare is a really great resource for beginner Bullet Journalists to learn new creative skills and build confidence in adding more artistic elements to their Bullet Journal spreads. It has a lot more to offer than just my class (although of course you should definitely take my class!) so in this blog post I’ve picked out my favourite Bullet Journaling classes that will help you either get more productive or creative in your Bullet Journal!

As a Skillshare teacher I earn money for how many minutes are watched of my class. I also earn a referral bonus if you sign up to a free trial of Skillshare. It’s totally optional for you to use my link but it helps me a lot and allows me to keep this site running. So thanks if you do use it, it’s much appreciated!

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is a website that hosts masterclasses from all sorts of creative and clever individuals that are sharing their knowledge about their chosen subject. It’s a subscription service which you pay for monthly but you can get a free trial for 2 months which is plenty of time to try out a wide variety of classes and decide if you want to carry on paying for it. I really recommend it for building confidence with projects you normally might feel a bit intimidated to try as all classes are targeted at different levels of experience so you can try your hand at anything with the confidence that it’s at the right level for you.

Easy Creative Lettering for Beginners by Me!

I mean of course I had to include my class that’s great for adding some creativity into your Bullet Journaling. Not to toot my own horn but I’m pretty proud of how easy to follow this class is. It’s designed for absolute beginners and doesn’t require fancy supplies to get started. This is where you need to start if you have no idea how to even start making the progress required to get to more advanced techniques this is a good place to build confidence in being creative with letters. Find out more about it here.

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Hand lettering 4 Easy Steps for Beginners by Peggy Dean

Peggy Dean of the Pigeon Letters has so many Skillshare classes this blog post could potentially just be filled with her series. I’ve picked out this hand lettering for beginners class as it’s short, snappy and will help you get started with cursive modern calligraphy. Make sure you have a look at her other classes for an even bigger boost of creative inspiration.

The Ultimate Guide to Creative Planning & Journaling by Amanda Rach Lee

Amanda Rach Lee is a big name in the world of Bullet Journaling. Every month she posts her planning videos and thousands of Bullet Journalists recreate her themes! A true journaling trendsetter. You can have a look at her wonderful YouTube Channel here (or find more Bullet Journaling Youtubers to follow) and check out her ultimate guide to creative planning class on Skillshare.

Amanda Rach Lee has created one of the best bullet journaling classes online. Check it out on Skillshare

How to Draw Plant Doodles by Madi Hill

If you struggle artistically and want to start introducing some little doodles to decorate your pages then I highly recommend trying out plants as a first subject. They are so easy to draw for a beginner and they’re really in fashion aesthetically at the moment. Try out this cute little plant doodles class that will teach you simple techniques to start adding some cute little plants to your journal.

How to Do Faux Calligraphy by Sarah Ensign

Faux calligraphy is a really exciting skill to learn for beginners. It makes that calligraphy look really easy to recreate and to be honest I can’t always tell the difference between faux calligraphy and real calligraphy. Even though I’m more confident with calligraphy now I often still use faux calligraphy. Learn how to do it with this course from Sarah Ensign.

If you're looking for classes to help you perfect your bullet journaling skills check out how to do faux calligraphy with Sarah Ensign.

Have you taken any online Bullet Journaling classes? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments.

If you want to learn new Bullet Journal skills then why not take an online class? Skillshare is full of great Bullet Journaling classes here are my favourites.