Best Bullet Journal Youtubers To Inspire Your Planning

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To get inspiration for my journal there’s nothing I love more than watching beautiful plan with me videos on Youtube. Bullet Journal Youtubers can show you how to create your own spreads, give you some amazing ideas and inspiration and introduce you to an amazing community of subscribers. There are absolutely loads of great bullet journal videos but here is a collection of the best youtube channels dedicated to the art of bullet journaling and planning.

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Amanda Rach Lee

Amanda Rach Lee is usually the first result for any bullet journal search on YouTube and for good reason. She has 760k subscribers!!! In my opinion the reason is that her designs are simple but beautiful. She’s really personable and lovely in her videos and she seems so genuine on camera. In particular she’s a dab hand at creating an amazing monthly theme and you only have to look around instagram to see how many people are inspired by her creativity and recreate her layouts. Her cactus theme for March in particular must have been recreated thousands of times, I saw it on my instagram feed so often! If you want to be inspired, not intimidated, then this is the channel for you.

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My Life In a Bullet

Christina who runs the ‘My Life in a Bullet’ channel is an architect by day and started her channel and blog after posting her designs on Instagram. She realised that people loved them so much that they wanted more! Now she runs a blog and a popular youtube channel She has over 113k followers on Instagram and over 120k subscribers on YouTube! Definitely a force to be reckoned with. I love her designs, the strike such an amazing balance between creative and colourful but also clean which I find really hard to realise. She’s definitely one of my favourite bullet journal youtubers, you should definitely check out her channel.

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Jenny Journals

Jenny only started her channel in March 2017 and already has over 100k subscribers on YouTube! I love Jenny’s style of journaling, she uses a lot of watercolour in particular (which I find really hard to do!). As well as plan with me videos which showcase her gorgeous spread designs she posts a few really useful instructional videos like how to make your own stickers. 

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Planning With Kay

Kay has only been uploading videos for about a year but she already has over 35,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel! She has a great colourful and varied style of journaling which also incorporates really useful spreads and layouts. She shows that you can still have fun while being functional which is the whole essence of the bullet journal. Her videos are all based on the bullet journal system and as well as sharing her plan with me videos with her beautiful monthly themes she showcases different ways to use the system. 


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Christine My Linh

The second Christine on the list, Christine My Linh is an illustrator and creator whose Youtube channel boasts 78k subscribers.  Her aesthetic is so clean and pretty. She started with DIY videos for veils and corsages but then moved on to illustrating and journaling. Her channel includes plan with me and instructional videos. Christine uses a lot of watercolour and has a lot of great videos that show you how to use the media effectively.  If you want to learn more about advanced illustration and journaling techniques then check out her channel.

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Who are your favourite Bullet Journal Youtubers? Let us know in the comments!

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