This month is my 4th anniversary of starting a bullet journal. FOUR whole years of bullet journaling non stop. That just shows how valuable I’ve found the system for my life that I’ve managed to keep it up for 4 years. I don’t know about you but there are very few things that I’ve managed to keep up that long. To celebrate this anniversary I wanted to share the ways that my bullet journal changed my life perhaps to motivate you to start your own or to keep going.

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It led to this blog!

First up let’s start with the obvious one! Without having started bullet journaling I probably would never have started this blog! After stumbling across the system on the internet 4 years ago I’m proud to say that I’m now a part of the lovely community of people helping other people find the system and making it work for them.

It helped me find my creativity again

Once you grow up and you’re not a kid or a teenager any more it’s sometimes hard ton justify spending time just being creative for the pleasure of it. Starting my bullet journal gave me a reason to be creative and I’ve rediscovered how fulfilling expressing myself creatively on a regular basis can be.

This dutch door doesn't reach the whole length of the spread. Check out my top tip for securing these kinds of dutch doors and finishing them off tidily.

It was a key tool when starting projects

I’m a big project starter. I’ve always found little projects and started new things but the difference now is that my bullet journal helps me follow through with these projects. I mean look at this blog! Almost two years and counting and my bullet journal is still one of the best tools I use to keep it all running smoothly.

It keeps me accountable and productive

There’s nothing like an empty tick box to motivate me. I love a good list but I hate seeing it half finished. My habit trackers have definitely been a big factor in staying consistent with daily yoga in particular. Even if I don’t do anything else that day I can tick something off and that generates that lovely ‘tick’ feeling of productivity.

Learn how to create a simple dutch door layout in your bullet journal to add an extra log to your monthly spread.

It motivates me

If I know I want to do something I put it down in my bullet journal in advance. Every year I’ll write down a list of long term yearly goals and because I keep seeing them in my journal throughout the year I can stay focussed and motivated with them.

It helps me practice mindfulness and has improved my mental health

Something I didn’t expect at all was how much the bullet journal system has helped me to feel in touch with my emotions and moods. I’ve used mood trackers to understand my feelings and gratitude logs to help me find the happy little things in my day. I’ve also managed to focus myself on personal goals and mantras through my word of the year (this year it’s ‘growth’). That really simple act of writing down an intention in my bullet journal changed my whole mindset this year.

bullet journal mood tracker
I created this spread while travelling as a way to relax and destress!

I have something to do to relax other than watching tv

Like many people these days I work looking at a screen all day. And like many people these days I often relax… looking at screens again! I’m not going to lie I often bullet journal with Netflix on in the background but it’s not to actually focus on a page rather than a screen. My eyes have definitely thanked me for it!

It’s helped me to get back into old habits and hobbies I’d lost interest in

Another horrible symptom of becoming an adult seems to have been letting go of activities and habits that I used to love and that used to have a great positive impact on me. Through bullet journaling and using habit trackers I’ve managed to get back into reading and practicing yoga daily as well as completing short term projects.

I’ve found a wonderful community of people who are also creative and motivated

Bullet Journaling is absolutely huge now! The phenomenon has spread across the world and there are millions of bullet journalists. Whats wonderful is that a love of creativity and productivity unite us in our love of bullet journaling. You can find bullet journalists in lots of corners of the internet including instagram, facebook groups. You can even find some really niche groups like Bullet Journalists who love Harry Potter. It’s a great way to find people who share the same interests. Check out my blog post on Bullet Journal Facebook Groups to find your people!

How has your bullet journal changed your life? Let me know in the comments!

Do you want to start your own Bullet Journal? Check out these links below to help you get going! introduction video – a quick introduction to the very basics of bullet journaling.

The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll – a book written by the creator of the system all about using the bullet journal system to its full potential.

Free Bullet Journal Reference Guide –

A Quick Guide to Starting a Bullet Journal

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The system of bullet journaling has had a massive impact on my life so in this post I'm going to show you how my bullet journal changed my life after 4 years!
The system of bullet journaling has had a massive impact on my life so in this post I'm going to show you how my bullet journal changed my life after 4 years!