5 Bullet Journal Bloggers Who Will Inspire You

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Bullet Journaling, Stationery Community

Starting a bullet journal can be extremely overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes all you need to start is a little inspiration and advice. Blogs can be an extremely useful resource for both new and old bullet journalists. As well as giving you design ideas they can show you different innovative ways to use your journal, and create a community of supportive bujo junkies. Here are five of the best bullet journal bloggers that can inspire you to start your own journal.

1. BulletJournal.com

original bullet journalOf course where else to start but with the original creator of the bullet journal, Ryder Carroll. The website provides a great foundation and introduction to the bullet journal system. It’s a back to basics style that can help you recognise what’s important at the start of your journey. There’s also a blog that hosts guest posts and explores the way others use their bullet journals.

2. BohoBerry

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Kara Benz of Boho Berry is one of the biggest bullet journal bloggers out there. As well as the bullet journal system her blog also focusses on achieving goals and living better. She has also set up the successful Boho Berry Tribe facebook group, an amazing supportive community of bullet journalists to discuss everything about the system and inspire each other. However at the moment she is having an extended break from her blog and business due to personal issues. Despite that her videos are still all up and a great way to get inspired.

3. Little Coffee Fox

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Shelby started her blog to document her progress with productivity but she works full time on Little Coffee Fox. Her bullet journals are extremely artistic and she’s an expert on using watercolour in your journal. If you want to get started with letterig Shelby is one of the best there is. She runs competitions, and a resource library with printables, calligraphy worksheets, productivity courses and more. Not bad just for signing up to her newsletter! Once you have the basics down come here to get some creative inspiration.

4. Tiny Ray of Sunshine

bujo bloggerKim’s blog Tiny Ray of Sunshine focusses on the little things that make a big impact in your everyday life, just like the bullet journal system! She is a regular contributor to the bulletjournal.com blog and writes articles on her own site as well all about creative everyday use of her own bullet journal. Like many of the other bloggers on the list Kim has a resource library – The Sunshine Library – which requires you to sign up to her newsletter. In the library is the awesome Bullet Journal Reference List which has been translated into over 20 languages!

4. Christina77star

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Christina started her blog in 2016. Christina is an avid planner but the bullet journal system changed the game for her. On her blog she posts helpful articles and operates a newsletter. Once you sign up to her newsletter you get access to her resources library and a 20% off code for her store! If you’re really having trouble getting started her free 5-day email course on setting up your bullet journal is a great kick-starter.

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